Music video of animated series ‘Karma’s World’ out on Netflix

A sneak-peak of the vibrant animated series Karma’s World has been released by Netflix. The musical video series created by multi-award-winning American rapper, actor, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, will stream on 15 October 2021.

“I spent over a decade of my life working on turning this dream into reality. I’m proud to announce that I will be joining the Netflix family and bringing my new animated series Karma’s World to Netflix on 15 October,” said Bridges while announcing the launch.

The 24-second video reveals that the colourful musical is about an aspiring young girl with amazing talent and an even bigger heart. She is a miraculous girl who wants to change the world for the better through her music. It showcases the character ‘Karma Grant’, who is a smart-talented artist who pours her soul into songwriting using witty rhymes!

He revealed that his inspiration for the adorable character was his oldest daughter named Karma. She is quite interested in her father’s creations.

The CG animated series will feature original songs touching upon various themes like self expression, body positivity, friendships, and family bonding and so on.

Singer Asiahn Bryant is the voice behind ‘Karma’. Ludacris lends his voice along with the key cast including Camden Coley, Danielle Brooks, Tiffany Haddish, Jordan Fisher, Dascha Polanco, Dawnn Lewis, Isaia Kohn, Aria Capria, Kaila Mullady and Ramone Hamilton.

The show is produced by Karma’s World Entertainment, Bridges’ production company, 9 Story Media Group and Oscar-nominated, Dublin-based studio Brown Bag Films.

Planeta Junior, a leading European children’s and family entertainment company, had earlier announced their association with Karma’s World. Planeta Junior director of consumer products Antonella Ceraso said that they will launch a full line of toys in 2022. They will develop the local licensing programme in apparel, accessories, back to school, HBA, role-play, arts and crafts, and more.

Sound design and music is done by Bridges and James Bennett Jr., and produced by Gerald Keys.

The animated series about a girl of colour finding her own voice is based on an interactive educational website of the same name created by Karma’s World Entertainment in 2009.