Moby’s new animated music video narrates the heart-wrenching story of a rainforest

Musician and animal rights activist Moby has released a new animated music video for the single My Only Love from his latest album, All Visible Objects. Directed by Brazil’s Zombie Studios, My Only Love tells a heartbreaking story of the separation of a leopard and her cub amidst the rampant destruction of the Amazon rainforest at the hands of the meat and dairy industry, according to a news release.

Zombie Studios, which previously won a D&AD Pencil for their Born Free Foundation video The Bitter Bond, has replicated the real Amazon rainforest to perfection on the screen in 3D animation.

“To work with someone who I’ve always admired is an incredible opportunity in itself. It’s made even better when the task he gives is to send a message to the world about the deforestation problem growing fast in my home country of Brazil,” said Paulo Garcia, Zombie’s director. “Lots of artists gave their best to make this music video happen. Beautiful music, strong visuals, amazing storytelling, it’s got everything we love most at Zombie.”

With the video release, Moby has announced a live Twitch event on 5 August. The event will be joined by the Zombie team and other guests to discuss animal agriculture and deforestation.

“It seems as if we’re confronted with new catastrophes on an almost daily basis, but while we deal with these horrors the climate emergency just gets worse and worse. And without the rainforests our planet will quickly become a scorching, uninhabitable wasteland,” Moby commented in a statement.

The goal of this video was to remind people of the ongoing horrors of climate emergency and deforestation, as well as reminding people that 90 per cent of rainforest deforestation is a result of meat and dairy production. 100 per cent of the profits from All Visible Objects will be donated to animal and human rights charities.