Mip Jr. Panel to discuss Indian edge to global strategy in Animation

With globalization gaining ground, the mission and mandate for a majority of businesses and corporations anywhere in the world, is to reinvent themselves and develop a global strategy in order to retain competitiveness and expand to newer markets. The same is the case with the Animation business.

In such a scenario, India with its vibrant, dynamic and rapidly growing Animation & Game development industry is an extremely attractive option in several ways, as an outsourcing destination; as a creative hub for collaboration; and also as a domestic market with great potential. India can provide a lot of solutions.

Sharing their perspectives on why India and why now is the best time for International animation studios to involve with Indian animation, a panel of animation stalwarts from India will speak at an Indian animation session at MIPCOM Junior that has been organized in association with AnimationXpress.com

The session will be held on the 1st day at MIPCOM Junior on Saturday, 6 October from 11:30 pm to 12:45 pm at The Carlton Hotel (Grand Salon) in Cannes.

The high profile panelists include DQ Entertainment Founder & CEO Tapas Chakravarti, Anirights Founder & CEO Ashish Kulkarni, Graphiti COO & Director Munjal Shroff, Kahani World Founder & CEO Biren Ghose and Animation Dimensions’ Founder & CEO Elizabeth Koshy. The panel will be moderated by AnimationXpress.com Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Editor Anand Gurnani.

The key takeaways for all those attending would include

– Recent examples of fruitful collaborations and deals between Indian & International studios

– Information on the evolving Indian ecosystem: Status of Talent Base, Infrastructure, experience & evolution of Indian animation

– Information on the evolving CG & 2D & Flash production pipelines and the “quality & on time” deliveries

– Indian themes, stories and characters that can be great content and co-produced for a global audience

– Universal Kids content and how Indian stories and creativity too can confluence in the global mainstream

– Why India & Why Now is the best time for International studios to get involved with India

“MIP Jr. has provided a great platform for the Indian Animation Industry to showcase its maturity in quality production and its size in such a short period. It is an honor and a great platform to convey the story, “It is happening in India” shared DQ Entertainment CEO & Founder Tapas Chakravarti.

Promoted by Tapas Chakravarti, Hyderabad based studio DQ Entertainment is amongst the largest in the world, boasts of more than 3500 artists with work being carried out on more than 20+ International top of the league projects at any given time.

All the panelists share Chakravarti‘s enthusiasm and the mood is upbeat at Indian Animation Inc.

“My focus will be on how International studios can collaborate with India for creating content for global audiences” stated Graphiti‘s Munjal Shroff whose studio is collaborating with creative forces such as Joanna Ferone and Lisa Goldman. “The entire value chain is evolving in India and an important area that needs to be explored now is global distribution streams for Indian IP” he added.

Identifying the significance of India being country of honor at MIPCOM, Ashish Kulkarni founder of the multiple award winning studio Anirights Infomedia pointed out, �It is one of the greatest opportunities that India has in this decade, to showcase inherent and significant developments of the animation industry to the global fraternity. India has come a long way in the last decade, establishing the skills, resources, technical know how and delivery process on its own steam and India as a country of honor at MIPCOM, is the best possible positioning ever and must be utilised to the fullest�

“I would really like to thank, Reed Midem, FICCI, Anil Wanvari & AnimationXpress.com for putting together such a platform where we can exhibit the true capability & credibility of Indian animation. I wish all the studios, networks , production houses and individuals attending MIPCOM, from India and overseas, all the best and I am sure this interaction would result into a mutually beneficial business proposition for Indian animation” he added.

Animation Dimensions is currently working on 3 co productions with Hollywood studios. CEO Elizabeth Koshy shared, “I am very excited to be a part of a distinguished panel on original content and co productions from India. It is so exciting to know that India is the country of focus, which was long overdue. Now, the world cannot ignore India, as we are a growing force in all fields and also in the creative field. This will be great for the Indian Animation Industry , which is emerging to be a big hub , for animation services and also for co productions”

With offices in Canada and India, Kahani World is working on several projects including Virgin Comics‘ Secret of the Seven Sounds. Co Founder Biren Ghose with his customary flair remarked “The Indian Animation panel has been curated with care to reflect the diversity of products and service and business models that represent the maturing Indian industry. The framework for the sessions has been well concieved to demostrate the formidable pace the industry has generated over the past few years. Its a World Cup squad put together to Xpress India‘s Animation prowess”

“Constant feedback from our 35,000+ readers, 40% of which are International, indicates at a huge Interest that the International animation community has in India” concluded AnimationXpress.com Co Founder Anand Gurnani who is moderating as well as co ordinating the panel. “It is an honor to be moderator on such a distinguished platform and to be with such renowned stalwarts from the Indian industry. As moderator, my one and only simple aim is to maintain a sharp focus towards informing the International audience on how they can benefit from involving with Indian animation”


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