VFX MEL moves in to dream studio -

MEL moves in to dream studio

The mood of the artists at MEL is quite upbeat!

After all, they‘ve just shifted into a spanking new ‘state of the art‘ facility at Malad, spread over a spacious 25,000 sq feet!

The new facility is indeed impressive and after moving around the facility for a couple of hours, one realizes that attention has been paid to several details, from technology to creativity to creating “de-stress” zones for the artists.

Speaking to AnimationXpress.com, MEL CEO Rajesh Turakhia shared “From the most efficient data security systems to the super fast network infrastructure, from the fastest workstations to the robust render farm; from the hi end color calibrated display systems to spacious workspaces; from the latest video conferencing technology to a sound proof auditorium for the ‘dailies‘; as also gym, cafeteria with elaborate menus on the house, lockers for artists, creative corners and multiple mood lighting we have it all at the new studio”

“We have in the pipeline a slew of projects that would make full use of our hi end infrastructure. The new studio will create an environment conducive to creativity and productivity and will also be an apt and attractive environment for International Directors and supervisors to come and work with us” he added.

MEL Sr. Vice President for Operations Shambhoo Falke, who was responsible for setting up the site from scratch to a full fledged studio shared, “It took us four solid months to put everything together. A Massive site has massive infrastructural utility and back end equipment requirements. I am quite pleased with the net outcome. Especially since the studio went on-line “on schedule”

According to the core management team including Falke, the inevitable shutdowns that are generally associated with the shifting phase of a studio did not happen in the case of MEL and neither its clients nor employees were affected.

Falke also pointed out that “Production area is laid out in such a fashion where projects of varying standard sizes can be worked on in a cohesive manner. The open atmosphere is maintained for the artists, management and support work forces”

“We have taken special care of the areas which matter to an artist as an individual. Special attention has been provided to Ergonomic work Chairs, Cafeteria with a variety of food on the house, ample Newspapers and animation magazines, Plasma TV‘s, Top notch sound systems, Well equipped auditorium and to top it all an exclusive ideation room. We have left no stone unturned to create an ambience in such a fashion, that each functional area is part of the studio, however it does not scream or smell of a “STUDIO” he pointed out with enthusiasm.

“Our creative leaders like Orgo, Priyam, Krishna Swamy, Paritosh and Chetan have given number of inputs on ensuring that the technologically advanced and production focused workplace is also aesthetic, balanced and inspiring for the artists to work in” he further added.

Production Consultant Jai Natarajan shared that, “I think the facility has turned out nicely and only people in Mumbai appreciate the value of having more space. We were cramped up in the old studio, this is genuinely more creative and relaxing. With this office MEL will take the next step in its progress”

Talking about his involvement in the development of the new facility, he shared, “The areas that I was most concerned about were data security and technology planning. Another important thing was about having discussion and review areas”

In the past year MEL has delivered Game cinematics for Neo Pets (PS2) Pet Pets (PSP) Pimp My Ride and Desperate Housewives as well as worked on 350 3D (22 minutes) animated shots for an Italian 2D/3D animated feature Tommy and The Oscar besides some other 3D animated TV projects.

Talking about the latest assignments, CEO Turakhia shared “The current slate includes Tronji a hi-end 3D animated High-Definition show for Zoo Group to be aired on BBC, as well as a couple of Game cinematics assignments for top of the league publishers from the US and a 3D animated feature which”