‘Mechamato The Animated Series’ arriving on Cartoon Network this December

Monsta’s highly anticipated animated series Mechamato is set to launch on WarnerMedia’s Cartoon Network for Asia Pacific this December. The series premiere is slated for official airing from 4 December 2021 for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. It will be followed by the official airing in South Korea from 11 December, before coming to Japan in March 2022. A sneak peek episode from the series will be aired especially for Cartoon Network subscribers on 6 November.

At the recent Kre8tif! 2021 Virtual Conference hosted by MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), Monsta CEO Anas Abdul Aziz revealed that the main official poster for Mechamato The Animated Series’ together with the official release dates for all available countries. During the conference, the main characters of the series; Amato and MechaBot, made a special appearance by stealing the show’s attention and proudly revealed the opening theme songs to the audience.

The main theme song for Mechamato The Animated Series was produced in-house by Monsta and sung by Nil Cardoso, recorded in the USA. The opening theme song video that was uploaded on Monsta YouTube channel had garnered views from various countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and many more.

Mechamato follows the adventures of a young boy named Amato who inadvertently becomes the master of MechaBot, a robot with the power to Mechanize any daily life object into high-tech devices. Together they can combine into the titular hero, Mechamato in order to defeat and capture bad robots before they can cause more chaos in the city.

Sharing his enthusiasm about the animated series launch on Cartoon Network, WarnerMedia VP Kids Asia Pacific Leslie Lee said, “Every episode is a surprise! All episodes are different in terms of its tone and humor. Each of them are rendered in eye-popping details with beautiful animation. For kids, the chemistry between the boy and his robot friend, Amato and MechaBot is really fun to watch. We hope it will be enjoyable and relatable to kids all over the world.”

Speaking on the challenges they face while producing Mechamato The Animated Series during the pandemic, Aziz said during the Kre8tif! 2021 Virtual Conference, that it was indeed a big challenge for the team as Malaysia was under lockdown for more than half a year and everyone needed to work remotely from home. 

Aziz said, “It is important to ensure communication between all departments; from the animation department, to the audio team, to the post-production team and so on. We need things to run as smoothly as possible because everyone needs to be on the same page, and have the same vigorous energy to produce the series together. Even though we have to work apart and communicate via online video calls, we are glad that the team sailed through many unexpected hiccups and challenges during the production period, and have managed to successfully deliver the episodes to Cartoon Network.”

Monsta head of brand and international sales Faiz Zainal Aabidin said, “To enter the international market, Mechamato The Animated Series will be dubbed into 12 different languages including Japanese and Korean. We are very excited to watch the series penetrate multiple global markets and to gain new fans and viewers from across the globe.”

Mechamato is now open for pre-sales, and several different rights such as VOD, OTT and Free TV are still available for broadcasters and content platforms. Monsta has partnered with a well-known global leading distributor, Jetpack Distribution as their worldwide distributor to market the series outside of Asia Pacific territory.