VFX Macmillan Children's Books acquires international rights for Studio 100 Media's 'Vegesaurs' -

Macmillan Children’s Books acquires international rights for Studio 100 Media’s ‘Vegesaurs’

Studio 100 Media and Macmillan Children’s Books (UK) join forces on an exciting journey with the new preschool series Vegesaurs. The publishing house has acquired all international rights (excluding Australia and New Zealand), in all languages for an extensive global publishing program, which will include a range of formats. The first publishing program is set to launch in Spring 2023 with two picture books, followed by two story board books in Summer 2023, with more to follow.

This agreement follows the recent broadcast deal with the BBC, which sees the launch of the CGI, comedy-adventure series (20 x 5’) on CBEEBIES and BBC iPlayer later this year in the UK. The series is produced by independent Australian producer Cheeky Little Media in association with the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), France TV and Studio 100.

Vegesaurs is an original take on the much-loved dinosaur genre, inviting preschool audiences into a unique and immersive world where healthy, natural foods come to life in the most playful and surprising ways. A unique cast of characters that promises to thrill young children includes Ginger the Tricarrotops, three baby Pea-Rexes, Broccolisaurus, Bananaraptors, and Chillipedes, among others. They all adventure through Vegesaur Valley introducing different fruit and vegetables to young children, building in comedy, imagination, and relatable preschool themes.

Macmillan Children’s Books publishing director Nicole Pearson said, “We are delighted to be working with Studio 100 Media on Vegesaurs – the show is a fun and comedic twist on the beloved preschool topic of dinosaurs which will captivate young children with its engaging roster of characters and stories. We can’t wait to extend the adventures of Ginger the Tricarrotops and her friends into books.”

Studio 100 Media CEO Martin Krieger said, “We are extremely happy to collaborate with Macmillan Children’s Books.  As publishing partners, they are a perfect fit for this new brand. Macmillan shares a core ambition with Studio 100 Media to engage children with humorous stories and to offer support to families through soft learning and our publishing will reflect this. We look forward to developing our partnership in the coming years.”

Vegesaurs are the juiciest and crunchiest creatures ever to rule the planet in a colourful prehistoric era. The young Tricarrotops Ginger lives in Vegesaur Valley, a little garden of Eden bathed in sunlight with nutrient-rich soil, lush vegetation and even temperatures… A perfect patch that a rich ecosystem of the Vegesaurs call home. Each episode is a standalone mini-adventure driven by Ginger and her friends, the baby Pea-Rexes. The stories lean into relatable themes for upper preschoolers like, sharing, friendships and play.

Commenting on the partnership with CBeebies, Kriegers said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with CBeebies for this amazing series and that they share our enthusiasm for these outstanding and fun characters. This collaboration underlines the quality of the show, and the BBC is the perfect partner to deliver Vegesaurs to kids in the UK. We are also excited to announce a number of additional partners very soon.”