Kiln Idea, Kahani World announce Hi Bollywood, India�s first primetime 3D sitcom.

nullEven as the super pitch and other original content sessions were on in full swing at NASSCOM Animation & Gaming India 2007, Bangalore based Kiln Idea shared that it is producing Hi Bollywood, a next gen 3D animated primetime sitcom for the global market in association with Indo-Canadian Animation Company Kahani World. Speaking to, Kiln Idea President Divya Swaroop shared, “We have associated with Kahani to produce an exciting show based on what is arguably India‘s most popular entity ‘Bollywood‘” “The show ‘Hi Bollywood‘ targeted at teens, has a highly charged fun-every-turn storyline that‘s sure to appeal to the segment globally and we are very bullish about its success. We believe Kahani‘s experience in development and marketing will be an ideal compliment to the investments we have made in production and infrastructure” she added. Kahani World‘s Biren Ghose shared, “We feel Kiln Idea has the right mix of talent and passion required to make ‘Hi Bollywood‘ a success. We believe that India is rapidly maturing as an animation culture and are hoping that the show would be a tipping point for prime time shows to move from live action to animation. We trust that Kiln Idea will be a trusted long term partner and hope to build up a ‘Kahani Pipeline‘ taking this further” Hi Bollywood sports a very CGI cartoon realistic, very contemporary look, akin MTV next gen design. The show is scripted by Sheetal Ladha, with story credits shared by Sheetal, Biren Ghose and Rudra Matsa. The voice casting is currently in process. It is written as a 22 minute sitcom narrative leveraging the obvious associations that India has with movie. Like in Indian Television where serials have followed the movie masala, there is an obvious appeal to look towards featuring actors, directors and scriptwriters in a Bollywood like fantasy. The setting is in a Bollywood film school in which the faculty, students and audience will find wholesome entertainment. The serial is currently in production and the first show is scheduled to air later summer 2007. A simultaneous release of a 66 minute DVD for the International audience is also on the cards. It‘s a riot of characters including some that are beyond what a live action camaera could attempt! The Indian “Archies” for this century! Set in a Bollywood mould!