Imagery Media produces Batman game for Cartoon Network

Imagery Media has produced a new game on Batman for Cartoon Network, which is based on the new animated series. The game is titled, “The CobbleBot Caper.” Currently, the game is the number one, fan requested game on Cartoon Network’s website.

Imagery Media produced the game using Macromedia Flash in three months. “The CobbleBot Caper” features The Penguin who has collected enough money and resources to create an army of Robo-Penguins.

The game follows Batman as he attempts to thwart the Penguin’s plans. Imagery Media art director and writer of the game concept David Pietrandrea says, “The style of the show had been updated for modern viewers and our game had to reflect this re-imagined character. Still, our biggest challenge was to create a game with intriguing gameplay, something with substance as well as style.”

Producer of the game Carmen Kennedy says, “It was a wonderful opportunity to work with the talented New Media team at Cartoon Network and to reintroduce Bob Kane’s comic hero, Batman, to a new generation of online game players. We love making games and it’s especially wonderful when the fans enjoy our work.”

The game can be played at

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