IDC student Sachin Datt

IDC student Sachin Datt Scroll along to read about his project Let’s Go Animation Series

nullThe project is a proposal for an animation series, targeted towards secondary school children explaining them the significance of education in getting a firm grip on their lives as they grow up. The proposal includes original script writing, character and visual design, Animation, voice characterization and background music of the series, presented in the form of a pilot episode. The first story is about a boy Gautam, who is undisciplined and mediocre in life. One day he is punished by his PT teacher for not dressing up properly. nullHe stands out under the sun, and faints at the end of the day. In that state he is teleported to a mysterious place where he meets a stranger who reveals that he was inside his brain. Gautam, with the help of the stranger transforms a lazy monster in the centre of his brain into a faithful friend. Gautam and the stranger explore other areas of the brain befriending all the negative emotions personified as dragons and monsters. Gautam returns to life more confident and energized to face the world.