Girgit Studios completes an illustrious decade

The animation studio, based out of Pune completed 10 successful years in the industry. Talking to Animation Xpress, co-founder Swarup Deb mentioned about the fruitful years the studio has witnessed and how lovely the journey has been so far. “When you enjoy doing what you do, you never feel when hours become days and days become years. We still feel the same energy, anxiety and enthusiasm as we felt on the first day of starting Girgit. As we look back we are filled with gratitude towards all Girgits who dreamed along with us and made this journey an absolute delight,” he expressed.

Girgit was started with the determination to use animation to tell meaningful stories and let design lead the team’s approach. In the past decade the team at Girgit has worked on over 125 projects consisting of short films, PSA films, TV commercials, TV show promo and packagings, explainer videos, corporate communications and branding videos, campaigns, app and game visuals and animations, illustrations and many such projects. 

“Until today we operate with no marketing strategy and rely purely on goodwill and word of mouth for our projects. We continue to add to our clientele and feel proud to have clients who worked with us in 2011 and still keep coming back to us until today,” added he.

The studio has worked with trusted clients and various projects that expanded its exposure and expertise in different industries ranging from government sectors, automotive, agriculture, FMCG, telecom, IT, health, entertainment, education to name a few. “Living by our name “Girgit” we keep adapting to the requirements of each project to design unique solutions,” mentioned Deb.

Still from ‘Muskaan’

The studio’s in-house short films like Tickles and Hugs, Muskaan, 09:09F won awards and recognitions at multiple international festivals including academy awards qualifier festivals. Their film Muskaan on the theme of female feticide and gender equality got over two million organic views online and now they are hoping for a similar response for their next short film Pahal, which is about women entrepreneurship.

“It gives us immense satisfaction to be able to utilise our skills to bring in some positive change in the society with our films. Working with Shekhar Kapur on the storyboarding and visual design of his feature film, was a tremendous learning experience for us about long format storytelling,” Deb mentioned.

The studio has developed pitches for a kids show to encourage creative thinking, an animated family feature film and an action adventure series. “We really wish to set a benchmark for quality in these projects. We are seeking collaborators and producers for these projects and pitching it to various stakeholders,” said he.

Covid period forced us all to work from our homes. The celebration with the team is due for when we’ll meet in person.

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