Fusion Toonz collaborates with NACO and UNAIDS

nullThere’s a lot of content spread over the 150 + TV channels available in the country today. TV viewing is highly fragmented. In such a scenario, what better opportunity than the Football World Cup to reach out to a massive collective audience at one go? Utilizing this collective attention span of the multitudes of soccer addicts, National Aids Control Organisation and Delhi based animation studio Fusion Toonz have created a couple of especially created AIDS Awareness promos (20 seconder and 10 seconder) which are being aired on National Channel Doordarshan during the semi finals and finals. Swati Gupta, Creative Head, Fusion Toons shared with Animation ‘xpress.com, “We at Fusion Toons are really excited about both the projects. We especially enjoyed working on the character of the red ribbon for the AIDS promos, giving it a life of its own. We hope that in future the ribbon character, would be used as an animated mascot in spreading AIDS awareness” The Animation studio’s contribution in spreading AIDS awareness doesn’t end here. Fusion Toonz has also completed the making of a 60 second 2D animation film in collaboration with UNAIDS which will be screened at the exhibition to be held in Toronto in August this year. On the commercial front, the studio has recently developed 7-8 games for Spice Telecom and BSNL. Of these Mind Guru launches on Spice telecom by the 10th of July 2006 at a price of Rs.50 per download. Other related VAS content such as wallpapers, themes and animations are priced between Rs.10 to Rs.30 per download. Also within a couple of weeks, six of Fusion Toonz’ Games including Mind games, Fruit-A-La, Cosmic Encounter, Ice Ice Baby, Su Do Ku will be available on the BSNL network. “A lot of thought has gone behind creating these games. We have tried to make graphics of high quality and used animation and principles of animation wherever possible. We, (the team) gained practical experience by going to arcades and playing games and then decided how we would create the games” commented Swati. Further sharing production specs, Swati added, “Four artists out of our 15 strong time worked for close to six months to produce the games, while the AIDS promos took a couple of weeks time to create” Established in 2004 with a team of 6 people, Fusion Toons now with a sizeable 15 member team does a lot of animation work in the onine learning, interactive and corporate presentations space. Of late the studio has increased its thrust on mobile gaming. Its last mobile game was a seasonal game themed around Holi which was hosted on Indiatimes.com


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