VFX Digimon announces new anime movie ‘Digimon Adventure 02’, releases teaser trailer -

Digimon announces new anime movie ‘Digimon Adventure 02’, releases teaser trailer

During DigiFes 2021, which celebrates the joy of 1 August, the day the seven DigiDestined children were first transported to the Digital World back in the original series, Toei Animation announced a brand new Digimon movie. It will be based on the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series.

The project will focus on Daisuke Motomiya and his tribe from the original anime. Tomohisa Taguchi will direct the film with Akatsuki Yamatoya penning the script. The pair have a history as they both worked on Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, which recently brought the original DigiDestined kids into young adulthood.

Here’s the official synopsis: Three years after the adventure of Tai and his friends, a new enemy Digimon Kaiser appears in the Digital World and he is out to control all Digimon. The powers of Digimon Kaiser prevent Agumon and other Digimon from Digivolving, causing a big scare. In this pinch a new generation of heroes arrives, it’s the Veemon! Veemon is able to combine with DigiMental and create a new type of Digimon that has never been seen before. Tai calls upon Daisuke Motomiya, a kid on his soccer team, to the Digital World and to fight along with Veemon. What kind of adventures will this new pair run into, but more importantly, will they be able to save the Digital World from the Digimon Kaiser?

Although little is known about the Digimon Adventure 02 movie at this point, producer Yosuke Kinoshita mentioned it will involve all of the sequel’s main characters. He emphasized why they wanted to tell a story about the 02 characters by pointing out that they have a different appeal than Tai and the first Digimon Adventure kids.

The teaser does offer some hints as to what the movie may be about. You hear Daisuke telling a story of how he and his Digimon partner V-mon once met a kid with a Digivice, but no Digimon with him, before he explains that he is “the first person to ever partner with a Digimon.” And with that, Kouji Wada’s original opening “Target ~Akai Shougeki~” fills the trailer with sweet nostalgia.

The Digimon Adventure 02 was the first direct television anime sequel to the first Digimon Adventure series, although it featured a new set of main characters. It aired from April 2000 to March 2001 in Japan, and then it aired from August 2000 to May 2001 in the United States.

The Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna sequel film told “the last adventure of Tai and Agumon.” It opened in Japan on 21 February 2020, and then rolled out overseas last year and this year.

The most recent television anime, Digimon Adventure: (with a colon at the end of the title), premiered in Japan in April 2020, and it entered its final stage this past July. Crunchyroll is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan.