VFX DCH Capital launches USD 100 Million DCH Media Fund -

DCH Capital launches USD 100 Million DCH Media Fund

DCHDCH Capital announced in Cannes a new 100 million USD fund to invest in IP creation in the animation, games and computer graphics sectors. DCH Captial is part of DCH India. DCH India is now setting up a DCH Health fund and DCH Media fund. DCH Media Fund shall invest into media companies, co-production projects and media hub infrastructure.

Karuna Muthu, Director-Investments, DCH Capital says, “DCH Capital’s Media Fund was launched to support the creation and development or co-development of intellectual properties under the animation, games and computer graphics sectors of the creative cluster including new and emerging media.

DCH Media fund will be headquartered in Singapore, focusing on the funding of production companies and/or their projects or lease of production equipment for mainstream film and television projects. DCH Capital through its media fund is consolidating its presence in the world market through international strategic alliances with respected groups in Singapore, New Zealand, Europe, USA, India, China, etc. DCH Media Fund is currently evaluating Co-production opportunities in projects that merit production in New Zealand and Singapore exploiting Treaty Agreements or outside the Treaty Agreements. DCH Media Fund’s Co-production funding shall fill any gap in financing of the project.

All funds will be on sweat equity basis as laid out in the production agreement. Production will be executed by DCH Media Invested Companies and Approved Partners in Asian Region. DCH Media fund is looking for Strategic Partners as part of its Digital Media Hub initiatives in Singapore/ India/ New Zealand. Partners with interest to create offshore facilities in such markets, as investments towards equipment, software, technology, space, managed and shared services.