Dawsen scores hat-trick on Zee Bangla with Thakurmar Jhuli

Three times in a row and still going strong, Kolkata based Dawsen Infotechâ€?s Thakurmar Jhuli has been awarded the most popular show on Zee Bangla (2006) yet again. Looking at the way the series has taken off and persisted on the scene, it just goes to show that Grandmas stories are still longed for and enjoyed by children. Talking about the series to Animation Xpress.com, Dawsen CEO, VC Bhalotia shared, “Thakurmar Jhuli represents the fascination of Indian audiences towards Indian content.” “We have an in-house content creation team which works on stories for this serial. Their journey for search of new content is endless which encompasses literature, story innovation, audience participation and character creation.” he added. So far close to 175 episodes of the animated series have been aired on the Bengali channel and Dawsen has another 25 ready episodes in its bank. Another 52 episodes have been greenlit by the broadcaster and are slated to get into production. This will see the presence of the Thakurmar Jhuli brand extend well into â€?07-â€?08. The show is based upon the age old concept of Grandma telling stories from various folk tales and fairy tales ranging from characters such as ghosts, demons, witches, king, queen, prince and princess, animals and birds. The studio plans on bringing out the flash animated show in other languages and has already done a test market by creating a few stories of “Thakurmaâ€?r Jhuli” in Hindi. The studio is also currently working on an animation film based on the story of Shakuntala which is in the pre-production stage. Bhalotia concluded by saying, “With Thakurmar Jhuli we have grown, improved ourselves and understood the pulse of the audience. Now we are confident and more matured to cater according to the likes and preferences of the people.”


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