Cosmos-Maya teams up with Disney India for ‘Dr. Tenali Rama HMKD’

Indian animation studio, Cosmos-Maya has collaborated with Disney India to launch its brand-new animated IP, Dr. Tenali Rama (DTR) HMKD. The show that was announced last year at the wake of the pandemic was dedicated to the medical professionals, is slated to air on pay TV in mid-2021. The show commenced production in 2020 as part of an extensive launch plan of new shows for 2021, where the studio will see four to five new IPs coming out in both the TV and OTT space.

DTR is the show created by Cosmos-Maya’s creative team behind Titoo (airing on WarnerMedia’s POGO). It is an ode to the doctors chronicling the life and daily shenanigans of Tenali, a nine-year-old child genius and qualified doctor running his family’s hospital started by his Hindi-loving grandfather Dr. Murlidharan. Just like his namesake, he meets people and provides them solutions to their unique ailments and problems with his sharp wit and problem-solving abilities. Providing familiarity with novelty in Cosmos-Maya style, DTR takes us on a journey with this medical avatar of the age-old Brainiac Tenali Rama, who uses his extraordinary intelligence and wit to help people with their problems. This is captured in his medical title – H.M.K.D. – Har Marz Ki Dawa. His uncle and adversary, Dr. Murgan wants to own the hospital and tries to constantly prove that he is a better doctor than Tenali, but never succeeds.

Anish Mehta

Commenting on the partnership, Cosmos-Maya CEO Anish Mehta stated, “DTR is an amalgamation of multiple types that define us Indians – he is a quick-witted, capable, ‘jugaadu’ nine-year old kid and an NRI doctor in London, who lives and works with his extended family. We aim to inspire kids to make the best use of their wits and skills to give back and help people and inspire them to look up to the people of the medical industry. The show holds relatability for other family members as well who’ll laugh along to the cultural idiosyncrasies of an Indian family residing abroad. This is the USP of the show as this is a plot point which no Indian animated series has explored in the past. We have quite a few new shows lined up for a 2021 release with Disney India, and we will see DTR obtain the perfect reach on their network. We have the next seasons of BapuGadget Guru Ganesha and Selfie With Bajrangi undergoing production simultaneously and we see a chunk of business with our partners at Disney India.”

DTR is another offering from Cosmos-Maya’s mission statement to provide meaningful entertainment for young kids aged four to 11 years old, that also promotes in them industriousness, social values and purpose, in a fun and engaging way. The show’s relatable storylines are fun and entertaining, and children will be able to easily decode medical concepts. The show celebrates unity in diversity with an array of characters from different cultures of the world.