MediaMonks India CCO John Paite discusses game engines, future plans, and remote working in a candid chat

 MediaMonks India CCO John Paite

MediaMonks, an independent creative digital production company has dished out extraordinary digital work for global brands over the years. Living up to their promise of harnessing the power of data and technology to fuel and inform creative content, the global team has also been leveraging the latest software like Unreal Engine to bring real-time filmmaking,  visual effects, previsualization, virtual production, and CG animation together.

Spread across various parts of the world ranging from Amsterdam to London, New York, Singapore to New Delhi, their team has been providing their services to a host of notable brands. With their Indian studio featuring the latest tech like a full sensor camera, live tracking devices, and LED Panels for filmmaking with Epic Games and Unreal Engine, the ecosystem is definitely going to be adorned with spectacular images in the future.

AnimationXpress spoke to MediaMonks India CCO John Paite to know about the incorporation of the latest technology, their future plans, and the nature of projects their team is embarking upon.

With over 20 years in the industry, Paite has always been at the helm of disruptive technology. Having been one of the first to introduce Cinema 4D in production to artists in India to heading the entire TVC campaign for the launch for Coke Zero to launching the first televised Netflix promo to conceptualizing the digital launch for Smartwater to serving as the lead designer for NDTV HOP, the first vertical news channel in the country, Paite has a strong portfolio in the media industry.

Speaking about the latest trends, Paite shares, “Tech is really pushing the boundary and I have to say, to me, it is a trend that is here to stay. The emerging technology is now used frequently as a result of remote and virtual events due to the pandemic. Even traditional productions are leaning heavily towards CG and Tech.”

With the pandemic ushering in an age of remote working, the ecosystem has been made to adjust to the change in a staggered manner. Elaborating on the challenges associated with the remote style of working, Paite informs, “There are certain learning curves because people have to get adjusted to it but there is a gradual learning curve and a huge cost-saving benefits. Personally, I feel that artists with a certain level can cope better than others working with a remote team structure.”

Animation is one medium of storytelling that thrived even during the outbreak when live-action had taken a big hit. Not being dependent on large gatherings, animation was not just produced but also consumed in large amounts over the past year.

Talking about their experience with respect to the covid impact and the animation projects, he shares, “At the beginning of the pandemic, I was working with multiple crews from five different countries in a short timeline to execute a film for Huawei. It was hard work but the best prep for what was to come after.”

Studios across the world have been tinkering with Unreal Engine which seems to be bringing about a renaissance in the content production space. “Definitely, real-time rendering like Unreal Engine is becoming a necessity for us due to the time-saving benefit. We are constantly upskilling our team to incorporate real-time engines for different production laterals,” shared Paite. He informs that clients want volumes with tight deadlines much more so than before due to the high consumption of content by the consumers.

With game engines bringing a paradigm shift, we are thrilled to see the progress made by the content production industry.