Breaking: Digitoonz teams up with Studio Campedelli, Cartobaleno for ‘Atchoo!’ season two

Noida and Kolkata based animation studio Digitoonz has collaborated with Milan’s Studio Campedelli, and Florence based Cartobaleno (specialises in 2D animation) to co-produce their Atchoo! season two; Digitoonz CEO Vikas Kumar unveiled to Animation Xpress

Launching in early 2022, the show already has many fans as its first season was a huge hit across the globe.

Announcing the news, Kumar shared, “We are extremely delighted and happy to have Atchoo! season two in our catalogue. It’s a hit franchise and the first season was sold to more than 120 countries worldwide.”

The animated series tells the story of Teo, a nine year old boy who has a strange way of expressing his emotions – he turns into an animal, every time he sneezes! The official description follows: 

Following 204 sneezes turning him into more than 156 animals, Teo is back with some hilarious new adventures! And there are more surprises to come. Peter, Teo’s gluttonous friend with a chicken phobia, has decided: no more constant snacking, or record-breaking lollipops. And to find a new source of distraction, a new activity to absorb all his attention Peter will be constantly attempting a new hobby in every episode, with hilariously unexpected results. But the most important new development of all means even more trouble for Teo – the Plummer, his new neighbours. Barbara Plummer: a remarkably unattractive, possessive, and totally unpredictable seven-year-old girl, fallen in love for Teo. Berto Plummer: her Bear Grylls-type father. 

Currently in production, the show seems to hit all the right notes from the beginning, as the second season has already secured pre-sales with Rai Ragazzi (Italy) and Kids Central (US). It’s slated to release in April 2022.

In India, the first season is available on Amazon Prime Video.