Aura Cinematics & Ram Krishna Mission developing animation feature on Swami Vivekananda

On the auspicious occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Birth Ceremony, which is in 2013, Aura Cinematics (Kolkata) will be releasing its first animation feature “KINDLED” entirely focusing on the life of ‘Swami Vivekananda’ and his role as the savior of mankind. This movie is being made by Aura Cinematics in collaboration with Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture who wants to propagate his (Swami Vivekananda’s) philosophy. The Institute is well known for its philanthropic, educational and cultural activities all over the world. Aura Cinematics is a merger of two Animation companies: ICE Logics Entertainment Mumbai and DA Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata. Having a combined portfolio of over 3000 minutes of animation mainly catering to European, US andMiddle Eastmarkets for Series, Direct to DVDs, TVC’s and occasional feature films, these two Companies have merged. The pre-production and story part of the movie is at initial stages as the research part is done. The movie is targeted approximately to be around 90mins. Around 50-60 people are involved in the movie which include Art Director – Subhojit Paul, Character Designer (lead) – Rishy Sahany, Director – Sukankan Roy, Executive Producers – Susmita Mukherjee, Dipankar Sarkar and a few more. The budget planned for the movie so far is approximately INR 6.5 – 7 crore. The IP of the feature is owned by Aura Cinematics. When talking to Aura Cinematic’s Susmita Mukherjee shared ”The content of the film is really special as we understand the strength of the character of Swami Vivekananda. The look of the film would be more realistic.” “For one who knows him, the feature will be a complete treat to know some unknown facts about him and for those who are deprived of his knowledge, a story untold… as great as his, will simply be of grave injustice to the world. The film might just revolutionize the society and if a spec of it happens the goal will be achieved.” Since the making of the film is under the guidance of Ramkrishna Mission, the authenticity of the facts is strictly maintained

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