ATI unlimited takes shot at edutainment, products ready to roll

Of the many challenges that those seeking to educate children face, short attention spans and continous multiple distractions are probably the most formidable ones. Multiple screens, tonnes of audio visual entertainment options make it imperative for educators to opt for multimedia based education sprinkled with entertainment elements. Pune based ATI Unlimited (not to be confused with graphics technology company ATI) is taking a shot at the edutainment market, with multimedia products ready to roll soon. The product, that according to its makers is,”Rich in content and treatment” features a variety of stories in animated form from across the world. Verbs, nouns and other grammar and language basics will be taught to children in a link with these stories. The product also contains some relief animation that encourage children to laugh and dance. Also included are explanations of various scientific concepts again linked with the stories. “In this project we have followed a process of improving vocabulary through recall. The words used are completely different from the regular words hence encouraging children to expand their vocabulary. We have ensured that the content is very entertaining, even while retaining the educational essence” ATI Unlimited CEO Keshab Mansukhani shared with Animation The animation boutique whose primary business model revolves around catering to the advertising sector, now plans to make a thrust into Multimedia and home video products. it is also considering creating its own TV series. “We have in the past done quite a lot of creative work for ad agencies as well as channel ids and interstitials for TV channels such as Balle Balle. We enjoy the creativity that we can explore in this model. Looking forward we are going to ramp up our six member team and are going to have a major thrust at home video and edutainment CD Roms” shared Mansukhani. “There is lot of execution work happening,and a lot of 3D, but we need to infuse more thought and creativity in our work, explore more styles and treatment in animation. I firmly believe that it would be great if some of the highly creative minds from advertising would join and involve themselves with Indian animation”. he concluded.