Aptara Expands eLearning Operations in India

Aptara Inc, the 4,600 person digital content solutions pioneer, headquartered in the US with primary operations in New Delhi, announces a significant expansion of its eLearning operations across India. Based in Pune since 2000, Aptara‘s eLearning Center of Excellence designs and builds online training courses, modules, and portals for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. With plans to grow by fifty percent over the next two years and expand across its Pune, Trivandrum, and New Delhi offices, Aptara‘s eLearning Division will add more than 300 new positions, to include instructional designers, programmers, graphic designers, multimedia specialists and application developers. A key component of the expansion is this month‘s grand opening of Aptara offices in SP InfoCity, a contemporary new Techno Park based in Pune. “The sizable expansion of our eLearning Division is driven by heightened spending in the US corporate training market and demand for migrating instructor-led training to new digital platforms,” said Dev Ganesan, President and CEO of Aptara. “Our exceptional pool of creative, high-tech talent, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and progressive business environment has made Aptara the first choice in eLearning solutions for today‘s digital and mobile-centric market. We‘ll be recruiting the best and the brightest to ensure the continuity of Aptara‘s long-standing market reputation.” Helping companies such as Hilton, Random House, Coldwell Banker and Pearson leverage new media to create engaging and results-driven training across all delivery mediums, Aptara‘s eLearning experts employ 2D and 3D simulations, virtualization, animation, game-based, mobile-based and social learning. When the expansion is complete, the eLearning Division will have team members in Aptara‘s New Delhi Campus, Trivandrum‘s Technopark – a development center opened in 2010 – and in Pune‘s new state-of-the-art SP InfoCity facility.   connect@animationxpress.com

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