Annecy Festival shares special prizes and jury details

The Annecy Festival that will be held between 13-18 June 2022, revealed special prizes and their juries. The special prizes will be presented on 17 June, Friday at 6:00 pm.

Like every year based on the official selection, special prizes, partners prizes, or the official awards’ complementary prizes and their jury reward will be handed over to ten works.

Here are the details of the Annecy 2022 awards and jury:

France TV Award for a Short Film- This refers to a film acquisition to be broadcast on air that is chosen from the Short Film and Graduation Film categories.

France Télévisions short film division head Christophe Taudière is the jury member.

YouTube Award- The YouTube Award rewards a film in competition in the Short Film and Graduation Film categories. The winner will receive 10,000 dollars as a financial boost towards a new production.

The jury members are voice actress Brigitte Lecordier, actor, scriptwriter, producer Cyprien and On Entertainment EVP Julien Borde.

CANAL+ Junior Jury Award- This refers to a film acquisition to be broadcast on air that is chosen from the Short Film and Graduation Film categories.

Young Audience Award-This prize rewards a film from the Official Selection in the Young Audiences’ category.

The jury members for both the sessions are: William Djoudi – Evire secondary school; Noémie Deschamps – Les Balmettes secondary school; Gabrielle Priou – Le Muraillon primary school and Alex Gervasoni – Le Muraillon primary school.

Best Original Music Award- This is supported by the SACEM, in the short film and feature film categories.

For this category, composer and interpreter Alex Beaupain and composer Amine Bouhafa serve as the jury members. 

The City of Annecy Award- The City of Annecy Award rewards a short film from the Perspectives category. The jury consists of former students from the ECAL – École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne.

The Perspectives Jury includes three directors Mariama Baldé, Gabriel Colban and Korlei Rochat. 

Festivals Connexion Award- The Festivals Connexion Association is a unique network in France that unites film festivals and events in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Every year, it presents an award at Annecy for a short film.

The jury members are Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival director Calmin Borel, Annecy  L’Auditorium Seynod director Chloé Le Nôtre and Pôle de l’image Animée Festival d’un Jour et de L’équipée – La Cartoucherie coordinator Anne-Sophie Rey.

André-Martin Award for a French Short Film- The André-Martin Award highlights animation films’ “passionate and unique inventors”. It rewards a French short film. 

Unifrance Short Films Department head Christine Gendre, Festival Anima director Dominique Seutin alongside three journalists including Thomas Fouet, Jacques Kermabon and Carolina López Caballero serves as the jury for the above awards. 

For information on Annecy 2022, you can visit the official website.