Annecy Festival 2022 chooses 38 animated shorts for competition

The Annecy Festival that will be held between 13-18 June 2022 with the spotlight on Swiss animation talents, announced the first part of the official selection by announcing the ‘Short films in Competition’. This year, there were more than 1,347 Short films submitted (that’s 152 more than in 2021) from a hundred countries.

“In recent years, we have noticed a strong trend in short film productions. Generally, they are increasingly longer, and sometimes with higher ambitious narratives. The 2022 Selection reflects this development as there are fewer films than usual. This means, even more so than previous years, that our team had to make tough choices and not include some quality works. In the end, we believe that it’s a diverse selection with a fine balance between new blood and works from established artists: Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby, Anna Budanova, Špela Čadež, Kōji Yamamura, Claude Luyet, etc,” said artistic director Marcel Jean.

“This year, regarding the films’ origins, we noticed that the United States and Japan had a burst of dynamism in independent productions, and by happy coincidence, as we pay tribute to Swiss cinematography, the Swiss films are top notch. Lastly, we are thrilled with the selection of Blind Spot, by the Tunisian Lofti Achour, and Akplokplobito, by Franco-Togolese Ingrid Agbo, two films that show the vibrancy of African animation, that we honored last year,” Jean further mentioned.

The official selection includes:

  • 38 in Official
  • Eight in the Off-Limits category
  • 17 in the Perspectives section
  • Nine in the Young Audience section

The male and female directors have been equally represented by the selection committee. 

The selected official short films are: 

  • Amok directed by Balazs Turai (Hungary,Romania)
  • Anxious Body directed by Yoriko Mizushiri (France,Japan)
  • Babicino seksualno zivljenje directed by Urska DJUKIC, Emilie PIGEARD (France, Slovenia)
  • Backflip directed by Nikita Diakur (Germany,France)
  • Beware of Trains directed by Emma Calder (U.K.)
  • Bird in the Peninsula directed by Atsushi Wada (France,Japan)
  • Black Slide directed by Uri Lotan (Israel,U.K.)
  • Bottle Cap directed by Marie Hyon & Marco Spier (USA)
  • Deux sœurs directed by Anna Budanova (France) 
  • Drone directed by Sean Buckelew (USA)
  • Garrano directed by David Doutel & Vasco Sá (Portugal/Lithuania)
  • Glazing directed by Lilli Carré (USA)
  • Histoire pour 2 Trompettes directed by Amandine MEYER (France)
  • Honekami directed by Honami YANO (Japan)
  • Hysteresis directed by Robert SEIDEL (Germany)
  • Krasue directed by Ryo Hirano (Japan)
  • La Passante directed by Hannah LETAÏF (Belgium, France)
  • Lakkeh directed by Shiva SADEGH ASADI (Iran)
  • Les Liaisons foireuses directed by Violette DELVOYE, Chloé ALLIEZ (Belgium, France)
  • Letter to a Pig directed by Tal Kantor (France,Israel)
  • Louis I. Roi des moutons directed by Markus Wulf (Germany)
  • Lucky Man directed by Claude Luyet (Switzerland)
  • Lullaby directed by Lin Zhang & Qinnan Li (China)
  • Miracasas directed by Raphaelle Stolz (France,Switzerland)
  • O Homem do Lixo directed by Laura GONÇALVES (Portugal)
  • Of Wood directed by Owen Klatte (USA)
  • Pachyderme directed by Stéphanie Clément (France)
  • Scale directed by Joseph Pierce (France,U.K.,Czech Republic,Belgium)
  • Sprite Fright directed by Matthew Luhn & Hjalti Hjalmarsson (Netherlands)
  • Steakhouse directed by Spela Cadez (Slovenia,Germany,France)
  • Taaskohtumine directed by Ülo PIKKOV (Estonia)
  • Terra Incognita by Pernille M.A. Kjaer & Adrian Dexter (Denmark,France)
  • The Debutante directed by Elizabeth HOBBS (United Kingdom)
  • The Flying Sailor directed by Amanda FORBIS, Wendy TILBY (Canada)
  • The Invention of Less directed by Noah ERNI (Switzerland)
  • The Record directed by Jonathan LASKAR (Switzerland)
  • Things That Disappear directed by Changsoo Kim (South Korea)
  • Yugo directed by Carlos Gomez Salamanca (Colombia,France)

Publication of the selected films for the Annecy Festival 2022:

TV & Commissioned films and Graduation films: 28th March 2022
VR Works: end of April
Feature films: beginning of May
Awards Ceremony: 18th June 2022