Annecy Festival 2022 will not host Russian delegation during their event this year

The Annecy Festival that will be held between 13-18 June 2022 with the spotlight on Swiss animation talents, announced that they will not be hosting Russian official or government delegations this year, owing to the situation in Ukraine.

“We also join those who denounce the Russian authorities’ behaviour, who are responsible for this intolerable situation. The Festival will not be hosting Russian official or government delegations this year,” they shared on their official Twitter account.

In another Tweet, they wrote, “Annecy supports the Ukrainian people. While in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is defending its freedom, the Annecy Festival would like to express its full support to its population and commend their courage.”

For this new exciting year, and all the events returning on-site, the Festival decided to call on a celebrated illustrator and poster aficionado known for his alternative posters, especially for cult films. His work is acknowledged by greats like Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg.

The artist Laurent Durieux awakens the imagination by telling a story in one image using both a retro and futuristic style. His instantly recognisable universe takes us on a beautiful journey whose destination is: Annecy, its lake, and the Festival!

It’s all there: the lake of course, animation and its continuous movement, but also in quiet subtlety, neighbouring Switzerland, whose animated creation will be in the spotlight this year.

“Working with Laurent Durieux was a dream for the Annecy team. His exceptionally refined poster captures your attention and draws the eye in to explore the illustration’s details up close. The play on light and colour radiates a great sense of calm. So, let’s set sail on the animation yacht,” said artistic director Marcel Jean.

The Festival team members are preparing a 100 per cent on-site edition of Annecy Festival 2022.