Animation studio behind ‘Castlevania’, Powerhouse, enters into a first-look deal with Netflix

Netflix goes a step further in strengthening its relationship with Austin-based Powerhouse Animation, one of the biggest animation studios in the state of Texas. Powerhouse Animation Studios is behind Netflix’s Castlevania franchise and the upcoming Tomb Raider and Skull Island anime series. The two giants have signed a first-look deal that will see them produce more animated series together, as reported by Deadline.

“Powerhouse Animation lives up to their name — they are a true powerhouse, a group of talented creators with the ability to tell innovative stories that transcend borders and languages as recently seen in Blood of Zeus that hit our Top ten in around 80 countries,” said Netflix chief producer anime Taiki Sakurai. “We’re incredibly humbled to partner with Powerhouse Animation through this expanded partnership.”

According to the deal, Powerhouse Animation will continue to work with Netflix on the new Castlevania series set in the same universe as the original, which recently wrapped its fourth and final season. Based on the classic Konami video game, Castlevania was the streaming site’s first original anime series. The new show, from showrunner Clive Bradley, is centered on Richter Belmont — a successor of Castlevania characters Trevor and Sypha — and is set against the backdrop of the French Revolution.

“Netflix is changing the animation industry, and Powerhouse Animation is proud to be a part of that change,” said Powerhouse chief creative and CEO Brad Graeber. “At Powerhouse, our talented team is motivated to create content that breaks down old barriers that confined animation to a genre instead of a medium.”

Powerhouse joins Netflix’s other non-exclusive production line partnerships with studios such as Production I.G, Bones, and Studio Mir, among others. Other shows in Powerhouse’s catalogue include Netflix’s Blood of Zeus and Seis Manos. Its Masters of the Universe: Revelation, a sequel to the 1980s hit He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, will debut on Netflix later this month. 

Netflix has always lived up to its commitment of creating the best original content for streaming, and quite a few of the site’s hits have come from a single studio.

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