November 16-2018
USP Studios

USP Studios based in Mumbai, is one of the worlds largest creator and distributor of kids content on YouTube. We own 550+ channels and have developed 52+ IP’s.

Company Link: For more insights, you may please visit our website

Job Location: Mumbai & Delhi

We are on a look out for talented and hardworking artists and require:

Modelling/Blend Shape Artist/Texturing Artist

Experience – 1 year+

Software – Max/Maya

Candidate should be able to follow design reference accurately and work in a range of styles, be able to create moderate to complex and organic models. Should be able to model characters, props and environments, working to a good level of finish, if required.

have a strong sense of scale, form, weight and volume, good understanding of modelling with either Polygons or NURBS (Non-uniform rational basis spline).should able to do UV mapping.

3D Animators

Experience – 2 years+

Software – Maya

Candidate should be able to think creatively to produce original and aesthetically pleasing and appealing character animations according to project design requirements.

Add animation effects including emotions, mood, behavior, movements, personalities and attitudes to character objects. Work with Lead Animator to develop look and feel of character movements. Should be able to work effectively with other design and production staff.


Experience – 3 years+

Software – Maya

Candidate should be proficient in basic biped &quadraped rigging, ik/fk controls, spine rigs. Good understanding of skinning weights. Should be good with facials and bend shapes. (Basic Mel and Python scripting skills strongly preferred)

Lighting Artist

Experience – 2 years+

Software – Maya

Candidate should be proficient in creating lighting setups and should have knowledge of V-Ray shading network. And experience in HDRI based lighting.


Experience – 1 year+

Software – After Effects

Candidates core of role will be motion graphics/composting. Should be proficient in After Effects.Should be able to do CG Composting with multiple passes.Good knowledge of AE effects and plug-ins.

3D Generalist

Experience – 3 years+

Software – Maya, Max & After Effects

Candidate should drive creative 3D concepts with the rest of our team with good communication, planning,concepts/sketches, etc.

Demonstrative experience and knowledge of advanced 3D modeling, rendering, animation, Texturing, lighting, shading and rigging Expert level in Maya.

Advanced rendering skills with clean, modern aesthetics.

Expertise in compositing principles Very creative and design oriented, excellent Communicator, good with teamworkSelf-motivated problem solver.

For Mumbai:

Candidates can mail their CV with their demo link to or contact number detail – 9004344120

For Delhi:

Candidates can mail their CV with their demo link to and or contact number detail – 9999652279