April 26-2019

KARCO ANIMATION STUDIO is a Mumbai based leading Animation Studio for the past 10 years.

With a team of dedicated highly skilled 3D Artists on its payroll today and catering to more than 200 clients worldwide KARCO is recognized as a global brand in Maritime Industry for providing top class 3D Animated Videos.

For our new Project we are looking for artists in the following departments:


Experience: Senior(5+ yrs) and Mid-Level(2+ yrs).

  • Must have a good understanding of anatomy, skeleton structure, joints, facial muscles, dynamics and character motion, etc.
  • The rigger will also write MEL/Python scripts to streamline production pipelines and develop new pipeline solutions to adapt to the changing needs of the animation team and keep up with workflow.
  • Basic programming languages such as C, C++, Maya API, etc. will be a plus.

Software Proficiency: MAYA


Experience: Mid-Level(2+ yrs) and Fresher Lighting Artists

  • Must have good knowledge of Arnold Lights and shaders along with passes and their utilization.
  • Should be willing to work with rendering and compositing department.
  • Basic knowledge of Nuke Compositing.

Software Proficiency: MAYA – Arnold, Nuke, etc.


Experience: Mid Level(2+ yrs)

  • Must have a good Knowledge of software such as Xgen, Yeti and Maya Hair&Fur.
  • Shading and texturing fur/hair with Arnold.
  • Experience with dynamic hair simulation.

Software Proficiency: MAYA, XGEN or YETI


Experience: (Screenplay/Visualizer)

  • We are looking for someone who must take into account the ideas of director, producer and production designer he/she is working with.
  • Should assist the Director in preparing ‘The shooting script’ which entails storyboard, camera, animation, lighting and shot instructions.
  • Must always have a grip on the provided stories in detail, including physical environments and the moods of the characters to maintain the continuity of several scenes of the story.
  • Must produce a synopsis and rewrite or make various versions of the scripts He/She is working on.
  • Must be able to understand the process of film-making which includes vfx, sfx, animation and editing.
  • Must possess the ability to work and collaborate with visual effects unit, Animation Dept. and others.
  • Must have a good hold on both Spoken and Written English & Hindi language.
  • Experienced person in the relative field is preferred but a Fresher with creative instinct and having a good Educational background (Diploma/Professional Courses) related to this feild can also apply.

To apply, kindly send your resume along with showreel link to karco.recruitment@gmail.com

or call on 09167820156