December 26-2016
Discovery Kids to air movies every weekend throughout 2017

Discovery Kids has announced to premiere movies every weekend all through 2017.

The movie fest will features kids’ favourite characters from India and round the world, including Shaktimaan, Kisna, Luv Kushh, Hanuman, Sheikh Chilli, Barbie amongst many others. Demonstrating its drive to up the local content on the channel, it will also produce movies in India. Offering a brand new look to its local character Kisna, Discovery Kids will air the first from its Kisna movie franchise – Mahayoddha Kisna – on New Year Eve.

Mahayoddha Kisna

Mahayoddha Kisna

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, vice president – entertainment products – South Asia, Rajiv Bakshi said: “While our programme series offer daily dose of differentiated entertainment during the weekdays; the movies will provide an incremental attraction and build the weekend viewership. With this we continue to be ahead of the curve by offering the most exciting variety of content to kids across all formats in English, Hindi and Tamil languages.”

In an attempt to drive the channel as the biggest movie destination for kids, Discovery Kids will commence the offering with a Movie Megathon , starting 26 December to 8 January, wherein it will air Mahayoddha Kisna, Luv Kushh & The Serpent King, Barbie In A Christmas Carol, Hanuman Immortal 2 and many more.

Discovery Kids has also signed exclusive deals with leading studios including NBCUniversal, Reliance Media, Cosmos Entertainment and Toonz Animation.