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India gets its ‘foodie’ superheroes
5:00 pm PDT 26/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

India has forever lacked a superhero that can match up to the super-awesomeness of some of the mighty Marvel and DC Comics characters, who can either bring the wrath of lightning and thunder along with them, or run faster than a speeding bullet, or have X-Ray vision or just like to smashhh things around them. Well, the wait is (not over really) but has been given a ‘foodie’ twist with Delhi based illustrator Raj Kamal giving India its very own … Read More

Guillermo del Toro reveals plans for ‘Pacific Rim’ comic series
4:30 pm PDT 26/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Guillermo del Toro is now officially starting a comic series after the ‘Pacific Rim’ universe, titled ‘Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift’. The new project by the franchise’s creator, who had already promised an animated series, will follow up from the end of last year’s graphic novel ‘Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero,’ which served as a prequel to the 2013 film, the Verge reported. Tales from the Drift, which will hit stores this November, will be released by Legendary Comics. Meanwhile, … Read More

Comic Con India Awards 2014: And the nominees are…
3:00 pm PDT 22/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Comic Con India was inaugurated in India in 2011, and has since attracted comics fans from all across the nation to its events in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Aside from its regular cosplay competitions, it also gives out awards to the most notable comics work done in India each year. Last year’s nominees have just been announced; here’s your rough guide to the nominees in the running for various categories. Best Graphic Novel Nirmala and Normala, Penguin Simian, … Read More

Marvel reveals a crossover ‘Civil War’ comic series
12:00 pm PDT 21/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Marvel fans have a reason to go bonkers with the comic giant’s recent revelation of penning a crossover series blending two of its immensely popular multi-superhero war sagas namely Secret Wars (1984) and Civil War (2007). While it’s official that Secret Wars will meet Civil War and the new off spring will be created Charles Soule and Leinil Yu, Soule has also confirmed the series setting the premise of the upcoming Marvel’s Captain America-Civil War starring Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. … Read More

‘Archie Horror’ to spook out readers; a third series is also in making
11:30 am PDT 20/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Even though comics’ most famous character – Archie – is dead, the publishers have launched a special series post that, such as Afterlife with Archie in 2013 and a companion series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in 2014. Afterlife with Archie, which features the Riverdale characters with zombies saw its last issue in February while Sabrina, an occult horror story set in the 60s only came out with one issue. Now, the publishers have decided to return with a bang … Read More

Comic fans erupt in anger over the new Batgirl cover
3:00 pm PDT 19/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon who first made her appearance in 1967 and got a reboot in 2014 has been at the centre of a controversy since the past few days when a new cover was revealed. The cover, drawn by Rafael Albuquerque, was meant to draw reference to a notable standalone issue centred on the Joker from 1988 called The Killing Joke, written by comic writing legend Alan Moore. The Alan Moore comic had Clown Prince ambushing and presumably sexually assaulting … Read More

New comic book biography on Ozzy Osbourne
3:00 pm PDT 18/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Bluewater Productions has created a picture book titled Orbit: Ozzy Osbourne: The Metal Madman on the life of the former Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne. The book is being released this week in print and digital formats. The book was penned by Michael L Frizell and Jayfri Hashim with art by Hamim. The cover has been created by known horror artist Stefano Cardoselli. Bluewater publisher Darren G Davis says, “There are some celebrities we have done that are just media … Read More

Aabid Surti to get lifetime achievement award at Comic Con Bangalore
3:00 pm PDT 17/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

NEW DELHI: National Award Winning Indian author, artist, cartoonist and playwright Aabid Surti is to receive the fourth Annual Comic Con India Lifetime Achievement Award this year. The Comic Con India Awards 2015 ceremony will take place in Bangalore for the first time, during the Bangalore Comics Convention 2015 at White Orchid Convention Centre on 4 April. The event is being held from 3 to 5 April. Surti will personally come and receive his award at the convention. For the competitive categories nominations … Read More

Asterix artwork raises €150,000 for Charlie Hebdo attack victims
10:00 am PDT 16/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

An original page of artwork from the 1971 comic Asterix and the Laurel Wreath went under the hammer in Paris for €150,000, with the proceeds going entirely to the families of victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack. The storyboard from the 18th comic in the popular French series will carry a special dedication by co-creator Albert Uderzo while auction house Christie’s said it would waive its commission for the charity sale. The artwork, which was sold at an auction recently dedicated … Read More

Comic Invasion Night… A night of comic relief for all Bangaloreans
9:00 am PDT 16/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Comic Invasion Night organised by Comic Con India at Chilli’s Grill and Bar on 14 March, witnessed a crazy celebration of pub-quiz, cosplaying and stand-up comedy; setting the stage for and Flagging off Bangalore Comic Con 2015 which will take place in April 2015. The Comic Invasion Night gave Bangaloreans an evening full of laughter with the city’s amusing & popular stand-up comedians; Sundeep Rao and Sanjay Manaktala taking centre stage. Sundeep Rao, professional stand-up comedian, said: “I was here … Read More

Marvel v DC: The race to box-office supremacy
3:00 pm PDT 14/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

In the infinite world of comics that go beyond our imaginations, showcase creativity beyond realism and portray characters that exist purely in our dreams, two most successful and popular comic publishers DC and Marvel fiercely battle it out to bring their creations onto the big screen. While the on-going battle between the two is all set to take another level in the coming decade, we jog back to the days of inception. Back in the 1950 Marvel & DC comics … Read More

Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment target world record Cosplay
2:00 pm PDT 13/03/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) and DC Entertainment (DCE) have planned to create a world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as DC Comics Super Heroes held at multiple venues across the world within 24 hours. This one of a kind event will take place on 18 April 2015 starting off with Queensland in Australia and will end in Los Angeles, USA. “Warner Bros. Consumer Products is thrilled to team up with partners around the world to set … Read More