Tinkle to bring back old characters with new ‘tadka’ this Comic Con!
12:30 pm PDT 16/12/2014 By Niyati Handa

Published in the year 1980 by Uncle Pai, India’s first English-language comic Tinkle recently celebrated its 34th anniversary. It is a comic book that has played an integral part in the growing up years of most children in India over three decades. A total of 622 issues have been printed so far; Suppandi, Tantri The Mantri and Shikari Shambu are some of the most renowned Tinkle comic characters and have been recognised globally as well. Apart from comic strips, Tinkle also contains various stories, puzzles, quizzes, contests along with other … Read More

I&B Ministry paints the AVCGI red this Christmas
5:30 pm PDT 11/12/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Stakeholders wanting to invest in the National Centre of Excellence in Animation, Gaming and Visual Effects have been requested to submit proposals based on which a detailed project report would be prepared for further action. Information and Broadcasting Ministry sources told that the Centre is to be set up under the 12th Plan scheme. The Planning Commission has given in-principle approval to the project. The objective of the scheme is to impart quality education and to ensure availability of … Read More

‘Angry Maushi’ all geared up to salvage with her new weapon!
6:30 pm PDT 10/12/2014 By Niyati Handa

Saree-pallu tucked in her waist with a sharp ‘Katana’ in her hand, she is once again set to save the day. Indie artist Abhijeet Kini is gearing up to release his third edition of Angry Maushi- Katana special which is a part of his trilogy series involving guns, fists, katana. The third installment of the Angry Maushi series where the Marathi lady is all set to embrace herself into a ‘Ninja’ is being released at the Mumbai Comic Con 2014; and this time all … Read More

IDW to publish first ‘Jem and the Holograms’ comic series
1:30 pm PDT 09/12/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Ideas and Design Works (IDW) an American publisher of comic books and graphic novels has expanded its long relationship with Hasbro by bringing back 80’s toy/cartoon icons Jem and the Holograms as a comic series. This cult favourite never had its own comic book series and this will be its first American edition. IDW has earlier produced popular comics based on other Hasbro toy properties like My Little Pony, G.I. Joe and Transformers. The creative team which will bring this world full of fashion, art, action and … Read More

‘Priya’s Shakti’ to tackle the topic of sexual violence
2:30 pm PDT 08/12/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

A new comic book, Priya’s Shakti, which presents a new Indian hero who tackles the problem of sexual violence in India and around the world, is premiering at the Mumbai Film and Comics Convention from December 19-21 2014. Creators Ram Devineni and Dan Goldman will be presenting the innovative comic book that uses the leading augmented reality App Blippar to bring animation, videos, real-life stories, and other interactive elements to life. “Talking with several rape survivors, I realised how difficult it was for them to get justice. Often, … Read More

Joseph Gordon-Levitt assures ‘Sandman’ is on track
12:30 pm PDT 08/12/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Back in October, Warner Bros unveiled its full slate of upcoming DC-based movies from 2014 to 2020, but Sandman was noticeably absent. However, Neil Gaiman, who is also an executive producer on the Sandman film, reassured fans the movie was still on its way. A recent development coming from the Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has been reportedly got on board as director and lead star in the project, states that work is currently on the screenplay for the movie. … Read More

Get ready to board the ‘Train of Thoughts’ with Crimzon Studio at Comic-Con Mumbai
4:45 pm PDT 06/12/2014 By Niyati Handa

Every person who travels in the train has an unusual trait, each one of us has a story to tell and has been a hero to someone at some point, and that’s what differentiates the characters of Crimzon studio’s upcoming graphic novel Train of Thoughts. “Train of Thoughts was in my mind since a long time, in fact even before we started working on other titles. As I was born and brought up in Mumbai, travelling through local trains was … Read More

ACK Media dabbles with merchandise and celebrates Tinkle’s 34th anniversary
4:00 pm PDT 05/12/2014 By Niyati Handa

As a child we all have sometime or the other picked up a copy of Tinkle comics and Amar Chitra Katha. ACK one of India’s leading publishers of brands like Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, Karadi Tales among others recently launched Tinkle’s 34th anniversary issue and merchandise goodies in the month of November. “Our first phase of merchandise has three bobbleheads – Suppandi, Shambu and Billy. The material we have used is Polyurethane and the dimensions are 5” x 2” each. … Read More

‘In Real Life’ a comic revolving around a world of gaming
12:00 pm PDT 05/12/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

A story with a kick-ass heroine navigating the gaming world is what In Real Life, the new comic written by Cory Doctorow and illustrated by Jen Wang is all about. When Anda starts playing the massively multiplayer online game Coarsegold, she quickly makes new friends and levels up. She even finds a quest: Shutting down “gold farmers,” players who collect valuables inside the game and sell them, violating the rules. But when she befriends one of those gold farmers and learns about his real life, … Read More

Aadarsh’s Purple Turtle Adventures is heading to Greece & Cyprus
3:45 pm PDT 26/11/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd. has joined hands with leading publishers Susaeta Hellas Publishing S.A., Greece to launch Purple Turtle story books, colouring books and dot-to-dot books in Greece and Cyprus. India-based IP development company, Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd., has signed with leading children’s book publisher in Greece, Susaeta Hellas Publishing S.A. to produce a line of children’s book products for the company’s anchor IP property, Purple Turtle, for Greece and Cyprus. Manish Rajoria, Director of Licensing and Publishing of the Purple Turtle brand, noted: … Read More

Sprinkle some ‘pepper’ on your ‘scripts’ and refresh your childhood memories with Sanchit Goel
6:00 pm PDT 25/11/2014 By Niyati Handa

Making thought bubbles in mind, trying to face the rejection from the publishers, often the amateur writers are disheartened and nothing less than de-motivated to try again. In order to escape this feeling these like minded literature freaks came together and formed their own publishing house – PepperScript. With a different perspective and a new approach to this publishing arena, PepperScript recently partnered with Cartoon Network Enterprises, the licensing and merchandising division of Turner International India to bring back it’s … Read More

Michelle MacLaren first woman to helm movie based on comics
2:00 pm PDT 25/11/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Canadian director and producer Michelle MacLaren, best known for her work on shows like Breaking Bad, The X-files and Game of Thrones is all set to develop and direct Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman, starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot, who will also make her debut as the female superhero in 2016′s Batman Versus Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Michelle has become the first female director to helm a major comic book-based movie. She was an executive producer of Breaking Bad and co-executive … Read More

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