Meet this globetrotting ‘Purple Turtle’ from Bhopal
3:30 am PDT 26/01/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Originally introduced in October 2011 at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Purple Turtle is a gender neutral character with a global appeal. What started out with mere three books has now grown in scale and more than 150 titles of Purple Turtle have been published. The books are available in 25 Countries including USA, UK, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Indonesia, Sir Lanka, Malaysia and India, where its available in 6 languages: Kannanda, Tamil, Telugu, Gujrati, Hindi and English. Speaking to … Read More

IDW to publish new collection of Disney comics
10:15 am PDT 23/01/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

IDW Publishing will be publishing a new collection of Disney Comics starting from March 2015 with Don Rosa’s Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Artist’s Edition. April will see the debut of Uncle Scrooge #1 which will have the best tales from creators around the world while May will see Donald Duck #1. June will witness the launch of Mickey Mouse #1 and in July Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories will maintain the original numbering and launch with #721 as … Read More

SRK debuts as a graphic novel character in ‘Atharva’ by Virzu Studios
5:30 pm PDT 22/01/2015 By Niyati Handa

Shah Rukh Khan is truly the ‘Badshah of Bollywood’, after giving so many hits over the years SRK is highly in demand. He already had a wax statute at Madame Tussauds London, but now he also has a 3D printed figurine gifted by his Redchillies.VFX team and Autodesk; now there is a graphic novel, Atharva being made by Chennai based Virzu Studios that is inspired by SRK. Virzu Studio was founded in 2013 as a collaborative venture between Ramesh Thamilmani, … Read More

Lawtoons: Making law ‘fun’ with comics
4:00 pm PDT 22/01/2015 By Niyati Handa

Pugloo is running around the house, all excited as it’s his 10thbirthday. At his party later in the day, his grandmother hands him a gift from his late grandfather. A gift that is going to change his life forever, but when he tears open the big package, he is highly disappointed at the sight of a book. The book is one on Indian laws and rights, which eventually becomes a fun learning tool for the boy. Lawtoons has been created by … Read More

Sergio De Frutos: An artist to look forward to
4:00 pm PDT 21/01/2015 By Niyati Handa

Sergio De Frutos’ journey has not been smooth since he got into graphic novels and movies. Till date he has written two graphic novels, couple of short movies and has also dabbled with gaming and merchandising. But the strange situation is that all his novels are still unpublished and this talented artist is scouting for publishers. His movie Fear View Mirror was also nominated at the Erie International Film Festival 2014. “The journey has been really frustrating. I have been … Read More

SpeechBubble Entertainment’s Tantrik is on his way to spellbound readers
3:00 pm PDT 20/01/2015 By Niyati Handa

SpeechBubble Entertainment, an independent Indian publishing house, has produced some ground-breaking work in the graphic novel medium. The latest addition to its cart is Taranath Tantrik (TnT) and City of Sorrows#3. It is a series on a city-based tantrik-detective. The story line is a horror-mystery which unfolds in the metro rail of Kolkata with a flashback political backdrop of 1970s; where the passengers get a text message, after which they turn into ghouls. “Sreepriya and I were in discussion with Shamik … Read More

Supersikh to fight Taliban in Elvis Land
2:45 pm PDT 19/01/2015 By Niyati Handa

Well it’s time to read about a super hero in a Turban – Agent Deep Singh, who is all set to kick evil’s ass. The co-creators, Eileen Alden, who converted herself into Sikh while working on this comic and Supreet Singh Manchanda, says they can actually vouch for this comic. “It’s been amazing to watch a response from the community. Many people like our ‘Super Sikh’ idea and as the pages come alive we are getting a great response. You … Read More

CK Comics wants its characters to have a global appeal: Shane Will
4:00 pm PDT 17/01/2015 By Niyati Handa

CK Comics from California is an art that will excite and ignite your imagination. With titles such as ‘Caliber’ and ‘Tomorrow’ they are all set to come out with ‘Incursion’ that will be a compiled work of their 21 characters so far. It’s a team of twelve members who work day and night to get at least one title or issue every month. From a diverse cast, to young and mature they have stories for everyone. It’s a self funded … Read More

A Superhero for the youth is what ‘Super Sikh’ aspires to be
12:00 pm PDT 16/01/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

We have so many superheroes across the world, from Batman, Spiderman to Superman and Captain America all created nearly 50 years back. Ever imagined to see a hero in a turban for a change? Well, meet the world’s newest action hero, Secret Agent Deep Singh aka Super Sikh. A story where justice wins, bullies lose and there is fuel for the combustible imagination. At night, he’s undercover, on missions destroying the plans of evil villains. By day, he’s working a mundane … Read More

Aan Comics highlights Indian wars and war heroes
3:30 pm PDT 15/01/2015 By Niyati Handa

Films made on the Indian Army and the struggles they go through while battling hardships and war is done to death. But what is refreshing to see is a comic based on our soldiers created by Aan Comics founder Rishi Kumar. A book launch in 2003 led Rishi to meet several war heroes and their families. It was then that he found out that the public were unaware of military matters in general. Therefore he thought of setting up his … Read More

Maharashtra Govt keen to promote AVCGI
3:30 pm PDT 14/01/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

2015 has started off on a good note for the animation, VFX, gaming and comics industry (AVCGI) with the Maharashtra government dropping hints about bringing the AVCGI at par with other departments like IT and IT-enabled services. According to a report in the Business Standard, the BJP-Shiv Sena government is looking at establishing the state as an AVCG hub. In order to enable this it has proposed several measures including 100 per cent exemption in stamp duty, waiver in electricity … Read More

DC’s ‘Vixen’ to be telecast on CWSeed
12:45 pm PDT 13/01/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

American broadcast television network The CW not only renewed both Arrow and The Flash live-action TV series but Warner Bros in conjunction with the CW also announced an animated series Vixen for its digital-only network CWSeed. The art styles are very similar to Young Justice Series and if Vixen is as popular as the CW is hoping it will be, it could be the push for more animated and even live-action shows to premiere on the web-only website. It wouldn’t be the first time that a … Read More