eBay Announces Sale of Original Superman Comic, Action Comics #1
2:30 pm PDT 24/07/2014 By

The auction of Action Comics #1 will begin on 14 August and run for ten days. Given its place in entertainment history as the genesis for the Superman superhero franchise, it is expected to capture the attention of avid comic collectors as well as casual fans. Read More

Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Fight Club 2′ to hit stores in April 2015
3:30 pm PDT 22/07/2014 By

You DO NOT talk about the ‘Fight Club’. Fortunately, Chuck Palahniuk will be breaking that cardinal rule with his highly-anticipated sequel, ‘Fight Club 2′. The author will collaborate with interior artist Cameron Stewart and cover artist David Mack to create a 10-issue comic maxiseries for Dark Horse Comics. Read More

MAX 2’s ‘Sitaare: Kal Aaj Aur Kal’ redefines stardom
4:30 pm PDT 21/07/2014 By

There is a very interesting segment or featurette called ‘Sitaare: Kal Aaj Aur Kal’ on the channel; it features biographies of actors from the years gone by as well as a few contemporary stars using a lot of motion illustrations and 2D animation. Read More

Grvaity Comics’ second outing ‘Avtaar’ hits stores this rainy season
6:42 pm PDT 18/07/2014 By

‘Avtaar’ is a story of a 19 years old orphan boy, who spends most of his time playing football and also coaches students in school. One day while on his way back he meets with a strange accident that changes his life forever. He suddenly gains superpowers, but one will have to grab a copy of it to know how and what kind of powers he will possess. Read More

Indian Comic industry moans Archie’s death
7:45 pm PDT 17/07/2014 By

‘Life With Archie’ #36 has already sold out on the distributor level, and a second printing with a re-coloured cover will be on offer soon. The series will conclude with next week’s issue #37, which will serve as an epilogue with Archie’s friends and family reflecting on the life of Riverdale’s favourite son. Read More

Anurag Kashyap’s superhero film ‘Doga’, will see the light of day after all!
3:30 pm PDT 17/07/2014 By

Madhu Mantena of Phantom Films, who has come as a messiah for Kashyap and will wholly back the project as a producer. Mantena plans to work closely with Manish and Sanjay Gupta of Raj Comics to explore various others possibilities of taking the comic book character beyond films. Read More

Vimanika Comics is not just mythology, it’s ancient India: Karan Vir Arora
6:30 pm PDT 16/07/2014 By

With over seven years of experience in the training industry, young and vibrant Karan Vir Arora brings with him the techniques needed to impart knowledge to the readers. His comic book not just provides you entertainment but educates you at the same time. Read More

ICBM: One brand, a mix of flavours!
2:08 pm PDT 07/07/2014 By

The Chariot comics & Meta’Desi comics for the first time have collaborated under a new brand, ICBM (Indian Comics Badass Multiverse, to be precise!) Speaking exclusively to’s Niyati Handa, both Aniruddho and Akshay reveal their plans on this new partnership and much more. Read More

Original ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ set to return with an all new series
5:30 pm PDT 30/06/2014 By

The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise is back from obscurity and comic fanatics would be really pleased to hear that Marvel has finally given the series the much needed attention it requires post the sequels for three of its most eminent properties ‘Iron Man 3′, ‘Thor: The Dark World’, ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. Read More

Dean Wilkinson spoofs Sherlock Holmes
3:00 pm PDT 28/06/2014 By

There is good news for all the Sherlock Holmes fans; Dean Wilkinson, a comedy writer is coming up with a new comic book Sheerluck’s Mysteries! Supernatural Sherlock Holmes Spoof. It is a comic character targeted at children and adults alike, upwards of 7 years of age. Read More