#Review: Prime’s ‘The Wheel Of Time’ sets the VFX wheel spinning with spells and magic

The Wheel Of Time serves a visual adaptation of the book series by the same name written by author Robert Jordan. As the ‘wheel’ turns, new ages come and go with some events becoming myth and legends such as the one that unfolds over the course of this series.

With lush green mountains, serene rivers and medieval-styled villages, the series takes viewers on a magical ride. The series especially empowers women in various themes which is a refreshing departure from the hackneyed and antiquated tropes where women are portrayed as damsels in distress.

In this series, women are brave fighters, saviours, witches and even antagonists who lead the way as others follow suit.

Set in an fantastical world of magic and monsters, the series follows a sorceress, Moiraine Damodred who is a journey to find the next ‘Dragon’ – an Avatar. The one that saves the world kind of avatar. The one from the prophecy. The ultimate avenger, the final warrior.

Like every story, there are bad forces and good forces; the story literally calls antagonist forces; The Dark One which they could have been a bit more creative about. While the last dragon destroyed the world, this Kalki-avatar style Dragon is going to unite it and pip ‘The Dark One’.

Some two decades of thorough operation, Moiraine believes she’s finally hunted down the Dragon Reborn. Meanwhile, in a small town, she chooses five youngsters, one of whom, she believes, is the chosen one.

We see spells, creatures, and magic as the Aes Sedai (Aes Sedai are a group of women who wield the One Power) helps save the village from the onslaught of the Trolloc army and decides to go horsing away to the jungle with her chosen five. CG monsters are horrific and well-crafted by the artists. With lightning effects and visuals as the Ae Sedai casts several spells to throw off the gigantic creatures, the scenes are marvellous to watch. Smoke effects and blue lightning effects blend well, creating an alluring environment that baffles.

With darkness subsuming progressively, our characters run for their lives and CG villages, creatures and spells with absolutely spectacular backgrounds and locations submerges one in a one-of-a-kind journey.

The VFX are made by Automatik VFX (VFX supervisor: Sebastian Barker), Cinesite (VFX supervisor: Salvador Zalvidea), DNEG (VFX supervisor: Guy Elson), Framestore, MPC Episodic, Ombrium VFX, Outpost VFX (VFX supervisor: Roni Rodrigues, RISE (VFX supervisor: Stuart Bullen), Union VFX and Zedia VFX.