Phantom FX’s artwork contest on pandemic draws marvellous entries

VFX community is emerging to be a commendable surviver in these trying times. With restraint, steadfastness and indomitable spirit, this community fought against the odds to streamline remote pipelines in a short window of time.

To keep the engines running; every player in the value chain, right from VES to Foundry to Autodesk to major VFX studios, has taken healthy initiatives to upskill during the lockdown phase. While DNEG is releasing comprehensive breakdowns and analysis, VES is activating insightful webinars hosted by industry veterans.

Domestic studios have also come forward with exciting ways to cope with the pandemic-led frenzy and light up the creativity of their workforce. Recently PhantomFX (a VFX studio based out of Chennai) launched an artwork contest on the topic “Pandemic and the world 2020” with an aim to spread awareness of the Covid-19 situation and stop the spread.

Here are some notable entries :-

Damodharan: “The pandemic is not same for all people”

The artist illustrates the current scenario of socially backward people and how their lives are affected by the pandemic. Despite the ‘free home delivery’, and digital life, there are still people out there, for whom, life is helpless.


Jayapal Jay: “We stay at work for you! You stay at home for us!”

The artists generates a bigger picture of coronavirus world depicting the life of Doctors, Police and Street sweepers to keep everyone safe. The artwork reminds of the people breaking the rules, families separated, and the importance of staying home. It also has some Covid-19 Social awareness description.

Ganesh Karan: “There is only one religion… the religion of humanity”

The artist depicts how people have to act with humanity to protect ourselves, help each others and challenge this pandemic situation”

Surendar: “The artwork portrays corona viruses invading and preying on the protestors, who are triggered to act against the intolerance and brutality during the current pandemic situation”

We are thrilled to witness the initiatives and contests VFX studios are launching to keep the spirits and creativity of their artists alive.