Maya Digital Studios continues with its high quality International work for Piranha 3DD

Maya Digital studios, the company that pioneered the art & technology of animation & visual effects in India in the 1990s is now also focussing on the conversion of 2D content into Stereoscopic 3D. Continuing with its legacy of high quality international work, Maya Digital Studios has handled the complicated and challenging task of padding up and enhancing the chills and thrills for the Hollywood movie Piranha 3DD. This 83 minutes movie is compiled by around 30 artists from Maya Digital studios.This much awaited movie is scheduled to hit the screens in India on June 15. Piranha 3DD is a sequel to the original which released in 2010. Ever since, the franchise has built itself a huge fan base. With all the cutting edge technology at its disposal Maya Digital Studios have taken this movie to a whole new level. The visual effects promise to make this an edge of the seat experience for the audience. Speaking to, Ketan Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director; Maya Digital Studios Pvt. Ltd. said: “With Maya, we’ve pioneered animation & digital visual effects in India. We’ve constantly worked with the best international studios and hope that our 2D to stereoscopic 3D conversion & visual effects work in Piranha 3DD will be enjoyed by audiences across the world” The film has been shot in 3D stereoscopic format and hence matching the left & right eye was a key challenge for team Maya. Doing 2D to stereoscopic 3D conversion for an underwater film was a humongous task, given the fact that a lot of these shots also required painting out creatures and reflections, or adding other objects like modelled log in one of the key sequences. Maya also added blood and bubbles to many shots, to indicate the injuries & respiration underwater where in the fish continued to injure the people in the film. Further elaborating on the movie, Dheeraj Berry, Head of Production, Maya Digital Studios Pvt Ltd., said “We at Maya are focusing on delivering high quality, international standard work. After working on some television commercials for a reputed and famous brand of a car from Hongkong, our entire team of Rotoscopy and Stereoscopic Conversion are super excited and are on a high after delivering the shots for Piranha 3DD” Piranha 3DD promises to enthral the audiences giving them something they have never seen before on screen. Piranha 3DD is a horror-comedy film directed by John Gulager from a screenplay by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton and will showcase all the visual effects magic that Maya Digital Studios can conjure up on the screen.