Master class : Krishnakant Mishra Post Production

Frameflow Director Krishnakant Mishra
The earnest and passionate COO of Frameflow India, Krishnakant Mishra has always been very vocal about the need for improving the quality of our work in every aspect. In an insightful mastercalss on post production Krishnakant took the audience through the various stages involved in Post Production. His engaging presentation which was aided with quite a few impressive visuals is listed in a point by point manner below. VFX -Travelling mattes wallion process 1933 – The invisible man Blue Screens Color separation process Color difference process Hand drawn mattes Rotoscopy Optical Printing Digital Compositing a* Scanning of negatives (Film which is shot is scanned using a high res 2k or 4k scanner. The files are in 10 bit depth log files) b*Digital Mattes (Digital matte creation is also refered to as keying. Green, Blue or Red screen is used as the background to shoot the foreground element) c* Compositing Merging of the different shots and CG elements into a seamless frame is called compositing. This art is very rare and not understand it well. d*Digital Image Manipulation e*Color Contrast f*Focus Shift focus between layers and other elemenst is possible g*Lens distortion Each frame in every film has some or the other distortion due to the lens. Wider the lens, more the distortion. h*Tracking Matching motion of one element as per the motion of some other element. Now even getting camera details from a shot frame is possible and in 3D element will blend in seamlessly with the environment i*Removals Wire, dust, scratch, grain, unwanted shadows and objects j*Crowd Replication MODELS /MINIATURES 1.Foreground Miniature 2. Cityscapes and Landscapes 3. Battleships and Seascapes 4. Aircrafts & Spaceships MOTION CONTROL COMPUTER GRAPHICS Digital set creation, background extensions, etc Objects and Particles creation Matte Painting Digital Matte Painting 3D sets rendered and enhanced – various different images used and made to look real Animatronics – Puppetry – Models and creatures controlled – 3D models and their vast possibilities Jar Jar Binks, Yoda and Gollum Animation 3D Modelling Sets, Characters, Environment etc Texturing Proper realistic textures, extremely high res Lighting HDRI, GI, Radiosity (Bouncing of light) Animation Interacting with live action Rendering Compositing Grain Pattern, Contrast correction Post Production – Editing – Scanning of the film – VFX to be added – Recording back to film Our Focus VFX – Movies Animation – Movies Animation – TV Serials VFX for series VFX for digital animation for game cinematics What it takes -Apt capital investment – Right man power – Zeal to prove ourselves – Zeal to excel – Zeal to deliver