Here’s the agenda of Summit FX 2020

Global AVGC Summit: Innovation | Accelerate | Transform


CII announces National Animation, VFX & Games Summit 2020 launches  'SummitFX' 2020 - AnimationXpress

1 – 4 September 2020

Programme :-

Day 01: Tuesday, 1 September 2020
11:15 – 11:45 hrs                Inaugural Session   
  Welcome Remarks Mr Chandrajit Banerjee     

Director General

Confederation of Indian Industry

  Special Address Mr Amit Khare    

Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Department of Higher Education

Ministry of Education

Government of India

  Brief Interaction with Hon’ble Minister & Secretary  Mr K Madhavan    

Chairman, CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment and Managing Director

Star India Pvt Limited & Disney India

    Mr Siddharth Roy Kapur     

Co-Chairman CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment and Managing Director

Roy Kapur Films

    Mr Biren Ghose     

Vice Chair, CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment and Country Head

Technicolor India

  Inaugural close


1530 – 1930 hrs   BUYER – SELLER Meet


16:00 – 17:00 hrs                           Plenary 1: New Paradigm in Content Creation

Join Mr Mr Quentin Staes-Polet GM – India and SEA Epic Games, Singapore and Ms Sallyann Houghton Epic Games London Innovation Lab, UK for a an insightful session on which new technologies will drive the artistry and the paradigm shift in content creation    

As the new technology drives artistry to unprecedented levels that go beyond the camera, we see storytelling making the abstract real – The speaker will tell us what the future holds for “films of the future”

  Moderator Mr Quentin Staes-Polet    

GM – India and SEA Epic Games, Singapore

  Address Ms Sallyann Houghton    

Epic Games London Innovation Lab, UK

1715 –   
1815 hrs
Plenary 2: Mounting the VFX Blockbusters    

With growing appetite for VFX among audiences, the panel will look at addressing various myths around mounting VFX Blockbusters from script to screen. What should be the do’s and don’ts that a Writer / Screenplay Writer / Director and Producer keep in mind while envisioning a VFX extravaganza on the Screens of Ttday and tomorrow?

  Moderator Mr Sidharth Jain    

Founder – The Story Ink (TSI)

  Panelist Mr Biju Dhanapalan    

VFX Supervisor

    Mr Murali Manohar Reddy    

VFX Supervisor 

Firefl`y Creative Studio

    Mr Prasad Sutar    

Co-Founder & Creative Head 



2030 – 2130 hrs Plenary Session 3: Creating Iconic Imagery    

In 1917 won the Oscar for Outstanding VFX and MPC’s Mr Guillaume Rocheron was the proud recipient for this pioneering work with Director Sam Mendes and the legendary Roger Deakins who also got his Oscar for the same film for Best Cinematographer – this session is the story of this innovative movie.

  Keynote address Mr Guillaume Rocheron    

Senior VFX Supervisor MPC Film Academy Award Winner for ‘1917’ USA MPC Film


Day 02: Wednesday, 2 September 2020
1030 – 1130 hrs Plenary 4: Promoting Skills & Entrepreneurship    

Talent is the ultimate driver of the AVGC industry. Even with the massive technology and tools sets its ultimately human creativity and artistry that matters. The future of work is rapidly changing, and new curriculum and learnings inform the next wave of content and platforms. This panel will explore that paradigms!   

  Moderator Mr B S Srinivas    

Secretary ABAI – GOK Centre of Excellence in Animation Visual Effects Gaming & Comics Sector, Bengaluru

  Special address Mr Atul Kumar Tiwari     

Additional Secretary 

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting 

  Panelist Dr Anuj Kacker    

President and Executive Director 

Aptech Ltd

    Ms Grace Marin    

Managing Director Experience Transformation Extended Reality lead Accenture Interactive 

Advanced Technology Centre, India

    Mr Rajesh R. Turakhia    

Founder & Director 


    Mr Srikant Sinha    


Telangana Academy of Skill & Knowledge 

1145 – 1230 hrs Special Plenary 5: Future of Karnataka as an AVGC Hub    

The session focus is on envisioning the future of AVGC from the perspective of a State Government that recognizes the huge opportunity of this sector as an employment and revenue generator. 

  Moderator Mr Biren Ghose    

Vice Chair CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment and Country Head 

Technicolor India

  Keynote Address Shri Jagadish Shettar    

Hon’ble Minister for Large & Medium Scale Industries Government of Karnataka

1245 – 1345 hrs Plenary 6: State Governments – Quest for Inclusive Economic Growth in AVGC sector    

The session focuses on building a National agenda – the call for a National policy and the harmonizing of the state governments who have recognized and embarked on policy initiatives to grow the AVGC opportunity.

  Moderator Mr Ashish Kulkarni    

Founder & CEO, Punnaryug Artvision 

  Special Address Ms T C A Kalyani    

Joint Secretary (Films) 

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

  Panelist Dr. E V Ramana Reddy    

Additional Chief Secretary – Electronics, IT, Biotechnology and Science & Technology

Government of Karnataka

    Mr Jayesh Ranjan    

Principal Secretary – Industries & Commerce 

Government of Telangana


1400 – 1500 hrs Plenary 7: Virtual Production – The New World of Film Making    

Game engine technologies and AVGC sciences will be deployed in conventional live action television and movies – “what’s driving this change.”. 

  Moderator Mr Quentin Staes-Polet    

General Manager, India and SEA 

Epic Games, Singapore

  Panelist Mr Siddharth Roy Kapur    

Co-Chairman CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment and Founder & Managing Director

Roy Kapur Films

    Mr Gokulraj Baskar     

Indian Film Director, Creative Director & VFX Supervisor

    Mr Sandeep Kamal    

Creative Director & VFX Supervisor 

Limitless Studio

    Mr Srinivas Mohan    

VFX Supervisor founder and CEO 

Indian Artists Computer Graphics


1515 – 1600 hrs Special Plenary 8: Opportunities in Punjab for AVGC sector    

Development of AVGC industry for content creation brings socio economic development. In this session, the Keynote address will be on how Punjab is seeing a new green revolution in creative technologies. 

  Moderator Mr A K Madhavan    

Founder & CEO Assemblage

  Keynote Address Shri Manish Tewari    

Member of Parliament – Lok Sabha

1630 – 1730 hrs Plenary 9 A: Raising the Bar for Indian VFX    

Where does the requirement of VFX as part of storytelling stand in the Indian context as compared to other parts of the world? The session will discuss if the capabilities of Indian VFX Studios have been utilized to its fullest for local shows?

  Moderator Mr R K Chand    

Head of Studio Technicolor Film & 

Episodic VFX Mumbai


  Panelist Mr Jesh Krishnamurthy    

CEO & Founder


    Mr Keitan Yadav    

Chief Operation Officer & VFX Producer

Redchillies VFX & Redchillies Color


    Mr Rajarajan Ramakrishnan    

Head of Creative Operations |FEV| | MPC Film | MRX| 

Technicolor India

    Mr Samir Hoon    

Director Visual Effects – APAC 


    Mr. Viral Thakkar    

Creative Director / VFX Supervisor 



1630 – 1730 hrs Plenary 9 B: XR – Emerging Technologies – AR/VR
  Moderator Mr Arvind Neelakantan    

Head of Unity Evangelism in India 

  Panelist Mr Chaitanya Chinchlikar    

Vice President

Whistling Woods 

    Mr T C Indraneel Guha    

Head of Studio

The Mill Bangalore

  Presentation by Mr Suhas Pingat    

Field Marketing Manager, Precision Workstations

Dell Technologies

1800 – 1900 hrs Plenary 10: Breaking New Ground – Women in AVGC    

Diversity and Inclusion are more than buzzwords – India lags the developed AVGC economies in tapping into the latent talent & bringing more women into AVGC – Solutions?

  Moderator Ms Kranti Sarma    

Head of Studio Film & Episodic Visual Effects (FEV) Technicolor India 

  Panelist Mr Biren Ghose    

Vice Chair CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment & Country Head Technicolor India

    Ms Margaret Dean    

Supervising Producer – Rooster Teeth, Head of Studio – Crunchyroll and President – Women in Animation USA

    Ms Payal Dani     

Head of Creative Operations 

MPC Film

    Ms. Sherri Bharda    

Manager VFX | International Origins – India Netflix

1930 – 2015 hrs Plenary 11: Reflections & Prognosis – A VFX Studio Head’s Views     

Luke Groves is the amazing head of MrXvfx, one of the world’s leading VFX studios whose journey through creative production lead to working on The Shape of Water – the Oscar winning movie in 2018 directed by the famous Guillermo del Toro Gómez – he sets up how to make such amazing movies simplifying a complex production dynamic.

  Special Address:    

“Reflections & Prognosis – A VFX Studio Head’s Views”

Mr Luke Groves    

Head of Studio, Toronto


2030 – 2115 hrs Plenary Session 12: The Big Questions – Shifting Sands & Recipes    

As a publisher of worldwide AVGC news,  a participant in most of the world’s leading market places and conferences and as the Co-Chairman of SIGGRAPH Asia 2020, Dan is going to reflect upon the major upheavals of the present times and talk about what he sees are the directions in which the different verticals of the industry are adapting and changing.

  Special Address Mr Dan Sarto    

Co-Founder & Publisher, Animation World Network (AWN), USA

End of day 2


Day 03: Thursday, 3 September 2020
0900 – 0955 hrs Plenary 13 A: The Journey of Digital Humans in Films    

The session will witness insightful discussion on the Journey of Digital Humans in Films and Games through the development over the years and where we stand today to what lies in the future

  Moderator Mr R K Chand    

Head of Studio Technicolor Film & Episodic VFX Mumbai, TraceVFX

  Panelist Dr Mike Seymour    

Ph.D. Researcher Lecturer Writer – Tech Specialist Digital Humans: MOTUS Lab USYD & FXguide Co-founder, Australia

    Dr Paul Debevec    

Senior Staff Scientist Google Research Adjunct Research Professor USC Computer Science & USC ICT, USA


0900 – 0955 hrs Plenary 13 B: Content Production – Remote Working Paradigm: Platform Play    

Global Technology firms have worked hand in hand with media companies to bring worlds together across sports, entertainment and experiences – these are no longer just enterprise production tools but give rise to a social connectivity among large communities – eSports is a great case study. 

  Panelist Ms Ann Hand    

Chairman & CEO 

Super League Gaming, USA

    Mr Sumit Grover    

Business Head – Cable Media & Entertainment – Tech Mahindra, USA


1005 – 1100 hrs Plenary 14 A: What is the Art of the Start-up? Ecosystem for Start-ups    

The next wave of growth will see the start-up ecosystem spawn the businesses across creativity and technology across various sectors that span and cross over outside the realm of conventional entertainment – what’s bubbling under & how to bring it to the top.

  Moderator Mr Rajesh Jog    

Managing Partner 

Nexstage Venture Advisors

  Special Address Mr Vishal Gondal    

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor Founder & CEO 


  Panelist Mr BS Srinivas    

Secretary ABAI – GOK Centre of Excellence in Animation Visual Effects Gaming & Comics Sector, Bengaluru

    Mr. Prabir Kumar Das    


Software Technology Parks of India 

    Mr Ravi Gururaj    

Founder & CEO 


    Ms. Salone Sehgal    

Founder Partner



1005 – 1100 hrs Plenary 14 B: Producing Games in India -State of the Art and Next Steps    

What does connectivity, bandwidth explosion and low cost of data do? It provides the perfect playground for games to become interactive across geography & genres – the platforms will give rise to a groundswell in indie development – this panel foretells the story. 

  Moderator Mr Ashish Gupta    

General Manager – Lead Games Ecosystem

Jio Platforms 

  Panelist Mr Dan Smith*    

Managing Director

Rockstar Games, India

    Mr Deepak Gurijala    

CEO & Founder 

Streetlamp Games

    Mr. Ramesh Anumukonda    

Country Manager- Unity Technologies

    Mr Roby John    

Co-founder & CEO 

Super Gaming / June Gaming 


1110 – 1205 hrs Plenary 15 A: New Approaches in Licensing and Merchandising – Franchise 360°    

The birth of modern retail and the way brands create activation combined with the e-Shopping becoming ubiquitous during the lockdown – means L&M is now a 2-way street – merchandise need not follow successful shows – it could happen the other way around. 

  Moderator Mr Nitin Kalra    

Regional Director – India, SAARC & MENA Animation International, India


  Panelist Mr. Jaineel Aga    

Founder and CEO 

Planet Superheroes

    Mr. Muslim Kapasi    


My Baby Excel

    Ms Nannette D’Sa    

Brand Expansion Advisory Independent Director Zee Learn MT Educare Kamats Vidli Rest. Strategic Advisor Garodia Edu

    Mr. Sachin Puntambekar    

Vice President, Consumer Products

Viacom18 Media

1110 – 1205 hrs Plenary 15 B: Kids Content – Original Content: India Stories on the Global Stage    

Indian broadcasting has come a long way since the dedicated channels for kids came in less than 2 decades ago. The original content on these channels have also seen a great transformation and Indian creator and producers have maximized every opportunity they got to make their shows stand shoulder to shoulder against those from overseas made at much higher costs. With the advent of new technologies, platforms, production methodologies, etc the consumer can expect a lot more. Hear what the experts say is the scope for original IP to take wing.

  Moderator Mr P Jayakumar    

CEO, TOONZ Media Group

  Panelist Mr Ashish Kulkarni    

Founder & CEO 

Punnaryug Artvision

    Mr Devdatta D Potnis    

SVP – Revenue & Corporate Strategy


    Mr Munjal Shroff    

Director & COO 


    Mr Rajiv Chilaka    

Founder & CEO

Green Gold Animation

    Mr Tejonidhi Bhandare    


Reliance Animation

1215 – 1315 hrs Plenary 16: The Power of Consumer Insights in Content Creation –     

Outside & In: Approaches to Development

  Moderator Ms Kiran Prasad    

Head of Production MPC Film Bangalore

  Address Mr Alex Rapley    

Client Services Manager Kids Insights & parents Insights

    Ms. Leena Lele Dutta    

Business Head

Sony Pictures Networks India, Kids’ Genre

1330 – 1400 hrs Plenary 17: History & Future of Digital Humans in India
  Presentation by Mr Anant Haldia    

Founder / Director 

I-C-E Studios


1415 – 1515 hrs Plenary 18 A: Styling Local IP for Global Markets – Conversations with the Gurus    

The session will focus on how local stories and IPs can be made for global audiences: Insights from Shuzo John Shiota of New Age Anime Powerhouse Polygon Pictures, Japan in conversation with Award winning Indian Film makers E Suresh, Studio Eeksaurus

  Panelist Mr E Suresh    

Director & Founder Studio 

EEKSAURUS Productions 

    Mr Shuzo John Shiota    

President & CEO Polygon Pictures Japan


1415 – 1515 hrs Plenary 18 B: VFX at Hyper Scale – India Makes it Mark Globally – What Lies Ahead?    

A significant revenue driver of India’s AVGC sector comes from the amazing big-ticket work done by visual effects studios for the global majors as well as for Indian blockbusters. This panel comprises of the strategists who lead the sector and will explore “what’s next” after this ‘crazy abnormal’!

  Moderator Ms Kranti Sarma    

Head of Studio Film & Episodic Visual Effects (FEV), Technicolor India 

  Panelist Mr Grib Chandran    

Head of Production


    Mr Mike Yatham    

CEO & Managing Director 


    Mr Pete Draper    

Division Head & Chief Technical Director 

Makuta VFX

    Mr Saurabh Dalmiya    

Head of Business Development


1530 – 1625 hrs Plenary 19: XR Goes Mainstream: Many Facets of XR
  Moderator Mr Ninad Chhaya    

Co-Founder and COO 


  Panelist Mr Arnav Neel Ghosh    

Former Managing Director 

Blippar India

    Mr Hemanth Satyanarayan     

Founder & CEO


    Mr Krupalu Mehta    


    Mr Pankaj Manchanda *    



    Mr Rajat Ojha    

Founder & CEO 



1635 – 1730 hrs Plenary 20 A: Trends in Kids Content and Consumption    

The session will discuss, in given new normal situation, what’s the outlook for the Kids Programmes viewership and how do the leading broadcasters think it will change in the near future.

  Moderator Mr Bharath Laxmipati     

Senior Vice President 

Green Gold Animation 

  Panelist Mr Abhishek Dutta     

Network Head

Cartoon Network & Pogo South Asia Turner Plenary & Warner Media

    Mr Sujoy Roy Bardhan    

Head of Marketing and OAP Promotions, Sony YAY

    Mr Uttam Pal Singh     


Discovery Kids Discovery Communications

1635 – 1700 hrs Plenary 20 B: The Future of Games – A strategic view for 2020-2025: Opportunity to Leverage Games for Social Connectivity Interactivity and New Media Monetization
  Special Address Mr Rajan Navani     

Chairman CII India@75 Council and Vice Chairman & Managing Director 

JetLine Group of Companies


1710-1735 hrs Plenary 20 C: The Value chain and Development of the Games Ecosystem
  Special Address Mr Nitish Mittersain    

CEO & Founder 

Nazara Technologies


1830 – 1930 hrs Plenary 21 A: The Studio at Home – Working remotely in this COVID scenario – Future of Distributed Production
  Moderator Mr Shajy Thomas     

Head of Technology, Mpc Film, Mrx, MPC Episodic

  Panelist Mr Andrew Waite Brown     

EMEA Regional Director, Teradici

    Mr Kumar Chandrasekaran     

Head of Production Technicolor Animation &Games 

    Mr Samit Shetty     

Technical Solutions Manager Autodesk M&E

    Mr Viral Thakkar     

Creative Director / VFX Supervisor, Redifine 

1900 – 2000 hrs Plenary 21 B: Indian Indie Shorts – The New Force?
  Moderator Mr E. Suresh     

Director & Founder Studio EEKSAURUS Productions 

  Panelist Mr Bimal Poddar     

Independent Film Maker 

    Mr Prosenjit Ganguly    

Animation Film Designer 

    Mr Saameer Mody     

Managing Director Pocket films 

    Mr Upamanyu Bhattacharyya     

Co-Founder Ghost Animation Studios


2015 – 2115 hrs Plenary Session 22: Creating In-Camera VFX with Real-Time Workflows    

This session will cover advancements in “in-camera visual effects” and how this technique is changing the film and TV industry. With software developments in real-time game engines combined with hardware developments in GPUs and on-set video equipment filmmakers can now capture final pixel visual effects while still on set – enabling new levels of creative collaboration and efficiency during principal photography. These new developments allow changes to digital scenes even those at final pixel quality to be seen instantly on high-resolution LED walls – an exponential degree of time savings over a traditional CG rendering workflow. This is crucial as there is a huge demand for more original film and TV content and studios must find a way to efficiently scale production and post-production while maintaining high quality and creative intent

  Special Address Mr David Morin    

Epic Games Industry Manager M&E & Executive Director 

Academy Software Foundation USA

2130 – 2230 hrs Plenary Session 23: Disney’s Mira Royal Detective: A Truly Global Animated Collaboration    

Apart from the quest of Indian studios to tell the great stories from India through animation, this session is bound to delight creators of original content. Wild Canary, The Walt Disney Company and Technicolor A&G have partnered to produce a wonderful series with an Indian character “MIRA” Hear how this creative combine has demonstrated the power of teamwork in bringing about such a wonderful show first-hand from the creators in all three companies!

  Moderator Ms Sascha Paladino     

Executive Producer

Wild Canary, USA 

  Panelist Ms Audrey Ford     

Line Producer, Wild Canary, USA

    Ms Diane Ikemiyashiro     

Vice President, Current Series / Original Programming Disney Junior, USA

    Ms Dorothea Gerassimova     

Art Director, Wild Canary, USA

    Mr Leon Christian     

Animation Director, 

Technicolor Animation & Games

    Mr Manoj Menon     

Art Director, Technicolor Animation & Games

    Ms Sue Perotto     

Supervising Director, Wild Canary, USA

End of Day 03
  Day 04: Friday 4 September 2020
  1000-1130 hrs Plenary 24 – Business Session: Future Thought – AVGC & The Entertainment Industry    

AVGC has hitherto been considered a content creator for specific genres that creates either cartoons, comic books and games or movies as one or the other means of storytelling. CII Media and Entertainment’s new committee of industry leaders are invited to participate in a round table discussion on how the AVGC technologies have great import and opportunity across all segments of media and entertainment which are being affected by and providing impetus across the board to all forms of visual imagery.

    Moderator Mr Biren Ghose     

Vice Chair CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment and Country Head – Technicolor India

    Panelist Mr Blaise Fernandes    

President – The Indian Music Industry

      Mr Gaurav Gandhi    

Director & Country General Manager 

Amazon Prime Video

      Mr Karan Bedi    


MX player

      Mr. Manish Vyas    

President Communications Media & Entertainment Business & The CEO Network Services

Tech Mahindra Technology 

      Mr Punit Misra    

CEO- Domestic Broadcast 

Zee Entertainment Enterprises

      Mr SivaKumar Sundaram    

Chairman Executive Committee 

Bennett Coleman

      Mr Shridhar Rajgopal    

Managing Director, Accenture Interactive

  1145 – 1315 hrs Plenary 25 A: The Future of AVGC – Through the Lens of Experience    

This is the who’s who of this industry – executives and leaders who have soldiered to take the Indian industry to global eminence over the past two decades. This panel will leverage their experience & [provide fresh perspectives about what they see as the next triggers for growth and opportunity.

    Moderator Mr Rajesh R. Turakhia    

Founder & Director, Frameboxx 

    Panelist Mr Ashish Kulkarni    

Founder & CEO, Punnaryug Artvision 

      Mr A K Madhavan    

Founder & CEO, Assemblage

      Mr Biren Ghose    

Vice Chair CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment and Country Head, Technicolor India

      Mr Ketan Mehta*     

Founder, Cosmos Maya

      Mr Kireet Khurana    

Indian Filmmaker Storyteller & Ad-film Director & Founder Director, Climb Media (I) Pvt Limited

      Mr Merzin Tavaria    

Creative Director & General Manager

DNEG | Co-founder, Prime Focus

      Mr Munjal Shroff    

Director & COO, Graphiti

      Mr Nitish Mittersain    

CEO & Founder, Nazara Technologies

      Mr P Jayakumar    

CEO TOONZ, Media Group

      Mr Rajiv Chilaka    

Founder & Managing Director, Green Gold Animation

      Mr Manvendra Shukul *    

CEO, Lakshya Digital

1145-1245 hrs Plenary 25 B: Emerging Talent Scenarios in New Abnormal    

Given the disruption in the AVGC industry, talent has been challenged to continue AVGC production in the most unusual circumstances. A highly interactive and iterative industry that needs a collaborative space has been scattered into 100’s of homes and have AHD to continue business as usual. The industry’s top people managers talent managers reflect on this paradigm and the consequences and emerging trends in future talent hiring, training and engagement.

  Moderator Ms Kranti Sarma    

Head of Studio Film & Episodic Visual Effects (FEV), Technicolor India 

  Panelist Ms Delna Dhamodiwala     

Head of HR & Talent Acquisition- DNEG 

    Mr Jimmy Kuriakose    

Head HR, Technicolor

    Mr. Maurice Patel    

Senior Director, Industry Strategy & Marketing – M&E


    Mr Saurabh Dalmiya    

Head of Business Development 


1430-1530 hrs Plenary 26: Powering the AVGC Industry    

AVGC industries embrace new technologies and computing power which changes annually & have gone beyond conventional media and entertainment boundaries to become ubiquitous as communications methodologies and platforms for education, health care, aerospace and a variety of other industries that increasingly need simulation and imagery. STPI has a plethora of centers of excellence fueled through Government patronage and which will fuse convergence between new smart tech IOT, AI, AR, VR, XR, etc. & the traditional media industries leading to new outcomes.

  Moderator Mr Subodh Sachan    

Director Software Technology Park of India, Meity and Managing Director & CEO AIC STPI-NEXT Initiatives

  Special Address Mr. Rajiv Kumar *    

Joint Secretary

Ministry of Electronics, Information and Technology

  Address Dr. Omkar Rai    

Director General 

Software Technology Park of India 


1700 – 1745 hrs VALEDICTORY: CII SummitFX 2020 – Global AVGC Summit
  Opening Remarks  Mr Chandrajit Banerjee     

Director General Confederation of Indian Industry

  Keynote Address by Chief Guest Mr Piyush Goyal     

Hon’ble Minister for Commerce & Industry and Railways 

  Brief Interaction with Minister  Mr K Madhavan    

Chairman CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment and Managing Director 

Star India Pvt Limited & Disney India

Mr Biren Ghose 

Vice Chair CII National Committee on Media & Entertainment and Country Head – Technicolor India

End of the Summit