Former DNEG execs start a new VFX firm beloFX

(left to right): Graham Jack, Ellen Walder, Matt Holben, Alex Hope

A team of former co-founders and execs at VFX giant DNEG recently founded a new VFX company, beloFX.

Backed by leading creative industry entrepreneur, Elisabeth Murdoch, beloFX has been set up by DNEG co-founders Alex Hope and Matt Holben; former DNEG COO Ellen Walder; and former DNEG CTO Graham Jack.

The company is all set to start operations in the UK, and in Canadian territories, British Columbia and Quebec, and will be largely facilitate remote working and remote pipelines

“BeloFX’s dynamism positions them perfectly to seize the exciting opportunities the global VFX industry offers. From personal experience, Matt, Alex, Ellen and Graham have a deeply held commitment to creativity and innovation which are critical to delivering exceptional partnerships with the world’s greatest film and television talent. I couldn’t be more privileged to be at the start of this revolutionary new company with them all,” Murdoch told

The company will on a recruitment spree for creative candidates from diverse backgrounds to join them as they aim to put together a multi-national team spread across the UK and Canada.

The team has also welcome Hannah Cook (Director of Operations) and Matt Plummer (Managing Director for VFX), who will lead the VFX team alongside supervisor Joel Green.

Mike Brazelton will also be welcomed as supervisor in early 2022.