Centroid India to shut services in Mumbai, embarking on a new venture in Hyderabad

Days after Centroid India Director Parth Shah resigned from his post, the company announced that they have begun the process of shutting down Centroid MC (Trading as Centroid India).

Announcing the closure of Centroid’s outpost in Mumbai, Centroid Motion Capture CEO Phil Stilgoe recently shared on his social media account that they are no longer a tenant of Famous Studios in Mumbai. He shared, “We would like to thank Mr Anant Roongta for his more than generous support these part years and we wish him, his family, and colleagues all the best for the future We do of course hope to return to hire their brilliant stages should opportunities in Mumbai present themselves.”

While the Mumbai operations are shutting down, it is not closing time in the playground of India. Stilgoe also announced that they are about to embark on a new venture with new crew and partners.

He announced, “Over the weekend our PCap system (Performance Capture) and accessories landed in Hyderabad and we are about to embark on a new venture with new crew and partners. As you’d expect, there will be more announcements about this exciting phase of Centroid’s adventures in beautiful India!”

Speaking to AnimationXpress, Centroid India Director Parth Shah had informed that he will definitely be continuing in the direction of motion capture and virtual production. He had shared, “Virtual Production is definitely the way forward for me and I have many plans for the year ahead. I shall also continue to assist Centroid as it is very close to my heart. For now, I am taking a break before I dive into the plans. I shall share what I will be doing soon.”

Especially during the outbreak, virtual production has been hailed as the fireball of the industry assisting filmmakers with hybridised solutions ranging from in-camera visual effects to motion capture to previz technology.

We hope this emerging technology continues to help filmmakers achieve wonders and bring their imagination to life. We shall keep you posted on further developments.

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