A short survey on how India’s VFX industry is the technological challenges

Animation Xpress has always endeavoured to aggregate the VFX community with events, seminars, discussions and awards. In order to identify the bottlenecks and advance the VFX industry to greater heights, we have collaborated with various stakeholders who seek to ease the workflow demands that are put forward by the artists in their quest to unlock the next level of the effects world.

In light of the recent developments and demands of the industry, we have decided to undertake a short survey to bring out a report on how the VFX industry in India is tackling the challenges on the IT front and the solutions that are available to them.

Recently, AnimationXpress organised a series of insightful VFX-specific events that saw some pressing issues and insights over the course of sessions. Industry veterans took turns to highlight various aspects of the industry, informing how they are grappling with the issues.

It was acknowledged that movie budgets are indeed going up. Budgets allocated to Indian VFX are on an all time high courtesy of the proliferation of OTT platforms.

While some are investing in training their workforce to be prepared for the paradigm shift, others are putting in almost 30 per cent of their total budgets into technologies like mocap, virtual production and real-time compositing. There has been an incredible amount of innovation over the past year in the VFX field which can disrupt the current format of working. 

Now more than ever, it has become imperative to bring the leaders of the VFX world under one umbrella and understand the common issues that plague the industry.

With an aim to be the bridge between the technology vendors and the artists, we have decided to undertake a short survey which will help us submit a report on how the VFX industry in India is addressing the challenges on the technology aspects and the solutions that are available to them.

We implore and request all the stakeholders and artists of the VFX community to fill the form so we can have a better evaluation of the issues and further assist in making the solutions available to them. 

VFX professionals may also pass on this form to their team members. We are looking at maximum feedback in the interest of the VFX industry as a whole.