Prayan Animation Studio celebrates 10-year anniversary

For Prayan Animation, 2022 marks 10 years in the business, a remarkable journey which started as a meek startup which has expanded its way to one of the most diverse media companies. Prayan has been a forefront for the specialized content creation, production and distribution for a decade now. 

Vinayan V

Progressing into global expansion, Prayan has extended its reach across the globe in animation, content creations, co-production, pre and post-production. They have come a long way in collaboration with YouTube Originals and Diamond Films Canada in production, post-production and co-production activities.

“No man can be successful, unless he first loves his work,” said Prayan CEO Vinayan V. “The insight gained in the dark days at Prayan is that you have got to make your team have value, innovation and vision. Alongside our MD Remesh Ram in a challenging business environment, we have set a defined vision and confidence to grow through hard work and gained experience and strengthened our skills and collaboration. Expanding the manpower and workplace in numbers and quality we aspire to become one of the global market leaders and position ourselves better to expand our business operations and to extend our global footprints even more.” 

Remesh Ram

Their recent addition short-film Dreams has been chosen as this year’s recipient of Beyond the Curve, Kidz Cinema, Vesuvius International Film Fest and Animafest GDANSK Film Festival, which revolves around the theme of saving the earth. Dreams will reach the viewer’s eyes on 5 June which is celebrated as World Environment Day. With Prayan’s IP DINO’s production thriving, it embodies the spirit of filmmaking in continuous effort to push boundaries of the accepted norms and never ending struggle to evolve the medium.


Prayan produces almost 300+ minutes of 2D animation content every year, and also brings out a big market in children’s book illustrations and game content development. They have just partnered with Diamond Film Canada in co-production on Sonic Bird, a 26*11 series, due to be released in 2024, which follows five endangered Australian birds escaping smugglers, they discover they’re far from home – in Europe! To return Down Under they must overcome their differences and cooperate. 

Over the past 10 years, Prayan has transformed from a small group of startups to 50 employees with many partner studios. The company employs a mix of creative and business professionals with a shared interest of working towards a single goal of a rising future. Prayan is tranquil in celebrating more years of success.