‘Pokemon’ gets a new manga

The fans of Pokemon are to get another adventurous ride with the newest Pokemon Adventures manga coming to United States this May. The English version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the latest addition to the Pokemon Adventures manga series by artist Satoshi Yamamoto and writer Hidenori Kusaka will be published by Viz Media. Pokemon is one of the most successful international entertainment franchises of all time. The Pokemon Adventures manga started in 1997 and has featured every Pokemon game. The new manga series is set in the Alola region and is based off of the Pokemon Sun and Moon video games. The synopsis of the series goes like this: A young girl named Moon is sent to Alola region to deliver a rare Pokemon to professor Kukui. There she meets the Pokemon courier Sun and faces off the villainous Team Skull. Moon is a pharmacist and a skilled archer, while Sun is trying to earn 100 million yen for an unknown purpose. Pokemon Adventure manga is the closest to the world that Yamamoto had imagined when he first created the Pokemon franchise. The first volume of Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out on 8 May, with new volumes releasing every four months.