Gaming institute ensures complete online guidance to students during covid-19 lockdown

Backstage Pass has always been proficient at crisis management. Our beginning few years were a struggle due to the lack of awareness about the games industry and the lucrative opportunities within it in the society, but we managed to come out of the crisis shining bright as we went from a batch of mere ten students to more than 300 students. In the same manner, we plan to come out of this unfortunate covid-19 time, stronger than ever before. The entire team of Backstage Pass is working full-time to tend to any educational needs of each and every student. The classes are conducted online by our mentors so that the students keep up with the pace of their course study. During these online classes, students are given work assignments to keep them mentally active and improve their skillset during this lockdown period. Our mentors are in constant touch with students to  address their doubts or questions, anytime of the day. Keeping in mind the working professionals and students who are pursuing engineering or any other degree, we have been working on an interesting course set. We are just about ready with our six-month diploma course in 3D Game Art and Concept Art. During the lockdown period, we are prepared to offer it as an online course for enthusiasts looking to improve their skills or for an easy entry into the gaming industry after the course completion; we provide job opportunities at top game developing companies. But, after the lockdown period, it will be conducted as a traditional course on our premises. We have found it very fulfilling to focus on our students’ needs as well as work on something completely fresh and new, that we can offer the  game enthusiasts who are looking for a time-efficient course to launch their career in this industry. (This article has been contributed by  Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology founder Surya P., and AnimationXpress does not necessarily subscribe to these views.)