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Much to the dismay of all bookmaker customers, there are no game tactics that would bring a 100% win. Sports football betting is one of the types of gambling entertainment, in which there is always a huge risk of losing the entire amount available. To exclude unreasonable bankroll drain, experienced bookmaker clients use strategies in Betwinner. These allow you to correctly distribute the deposit for a long-term game and betting on several football matches in the future.

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How effective is the use of sports betting tactics?

In theory, when using a strategy, you can always get some result. However, in order to objectively assess the effectiveness of the schemes and tactics of the game, you need to use them in practice. This is where difficulties arise, since in reality the effectiveness of the strategy depends not only on its actual application, but also on a number of accompanying factors. Among these:

  • The correct choice of a football match.
  • Accounting for all unscheduled situations on the field.
  • The sequence of actions of the BC player himself.

Only under the condition that the user has taken into account all the mandatory factors of sports betting and strategies, there is a high probability of reaching a stable and large income in the long term.

Applying strategies in betting on football in bookmakers

Most of the tactics applicable to football betting are created taking into account the peculiarities of live sessions. However, the overwhelming majority of visitors to bookmakers prefer to bet on events from the pre-match schedule. For each betting mode, tactics are provided that are based on basic algorithms:

  • Theoretical calculation of possible goals and totals.
  • Making a safe multiple bet on a draw.
  • Bets on the clear leaders of the meeting.
  • Using a double chance in favor of an outsider.
  • A safe bet on the statistical parameters of the players.

Most of the bettors who have reached a stable plus income in bookmakers resort to the theoretical miscalculation of goals and totals. There are a huge number of strategies and modernized betting schemes based on this theory. However, despite all existing interpretations, each tactic boils down to the fact that the user needs to predict the total total of the event or the moment when the game score will be started. With competent analytics of football events, it is not difficult to find a game where there will be goals, as well as to place an effective bet on the selected meeting.

Using the financial method “Fixed profit” in the game

When betting on football using game tactics, you can always use a competent approach to the process and use the Fixed Profit methodology. The essence of this consists of the fact that the user of the bookmaker makes a certain betting chain, calculating a certain amount of profit for each. In this case, the level of coefficients does not play a certain role. Based on the calculated level of income, a series of bets is made.

In most cases, experienced bettors resort to this technique, since stability is required when dealing with bookmakers. Beginners most often bypass this technique.

Playing in a bookmaker’s office with the tactics of “Kelly Criteria”

According to most experienced bookmakers, the Kelly Criteria scheme is the best way to generate income in betting companies. This principle consists of the distribution of the bankroll on the bet. In this case, the BC player is based on the mathematical probability that the bet made will pass. With the correct calculation of the mathematical chance of success, the Kelly Criteria strategy will be an excellent tool for bypassing bookmakers.

Catching up tactics

Not the most proven method of betting on football in bookmakers, despite the frequency of its use by bettors and the use in creating most other strategies. The dogoda scheme, in its principle, resembles another tactic, Martingale, and involves increasing the size of the bet after each unsuccessful bet.

If we consider this gaming technique from the financial side, then it is unprofitable to increase the amount of the deposit for a football match by more than 3 times. In addition, gaming tactics are not suitable for bettors who are not able to stop the process in time.

Questions and answers

Football betting tactics for red and yellow cards?

Using this game scheme, the bettor bets on the totals of cards (yellow or red), which, with great probability, can be awarded to each of the teams during the football match. To implement this strategy, it is necessary to study in detail the statistical summary of the teams, to determine how significant the tournament is for each of the opponents. Also important is information about the refereeing corps and the composition of each club that enters the field.

Using a game scheme for betting on even/odd?

The principle of tactics consists of betting on an even or odd score, which will be at the end of the first half of a football match. If the first bet made did not work, then for the bet on the second half its size increases, but the expected outcome remains the same.

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