Around the World in Five Video Games

PUBG is Asia’s favourite video game

If there’s one thing that pulls all the continents together, it’s our mutual love of video games. Whether we enjoy massive online multiplayers, getting immersed in an open-world saga, or just wasting a couple of minutes messing around with Mario, so many people all around the world enjoy nothing more than kicking back with a video game in their spare time. 

So, without further ado, these are five of the continents’ favourite video games.

South America

Starting in the continent of South America, Roblox is the game of choice. Although this game is hugely popular across all other continents too, many of us have never even heard of it. The reason for that is simple, the marketing budget for Roblox is almost nonexistent. 

The primary way that new players come to the game is through the recommendation of a friend. Roblox is not only one game, but a series of user-created games, which anyone can log on and play. You can play Roblox on all smartphones, computers, tablets, and several of the main consoles. This means that even those without access to expensive consoles can afford to join in and play. 

North America

While Roblox is also the most popular console game in North America, we’ve already covered that! So, it’s onto second place, online casinos take this slot. The best online casinos pa generated a better turnover in 2020 than ever before. 

The entire generation from online gaming revenue in the US tripled in the second quarter, reaching a staggering $402 million. Slot games narrowly take the top spot for the most popular casino game, but thanks to the huge prizes in online poker, this game takes a close second. Whether you want to crank a handle and hit the jackpot or study the art of card games, online casinos seem to provide the variety that North American’s must look for.


This huge continent has a real love for the kooky characters of Fortnite. One of the qualities that all the games have on this list is that they adapt to suit the player. Fortnite is no exception, offering players who like shoot-em-up style games a ‘fight’ mode, while those who prefer peace and love have the option to host a concert or build and tend an island. If you want to get your game to the very top, you’ve got to be prepared to cater for every type of gamer. 


The huge hit Minecraft takes the prize of Europe’s favourite game. This open-world format game has no storyline at all and instead allows people to create, or destroy, whatever takes their fancy. Digging holes under the ground to create the mansion of your dreams, spawning chickens to release for no real reason and screen-grabbing literally everything to show off online is the name of the game when it comes to Minecraft, and it seems that Europe is here for it.


Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds is Asia’s favourite game and is based on the Japanese film Battle Royal. PUBG is a massive online multiplayer where the aim of the game is to be the last man standing.

The game starts by parachuting one hundred players onto an island where they fight to get their hands on everything they need to ensure that they’re the last player alive at the end of the round. This is all made a little more challenging as the island continually shrinks, meaning you have less and less space to hide from other players. Scary.