`Pre School Education`, an addition to the list of advantages of Mobile phones

Even the most intuitive of crystal gazers would never have predicted that a time would come when Application developers for wireless multipurpose, multimedia devices, (aka the Mobile phone) would create applications and business models around content targeted at pre-schoolers! Crystal gazing and the future notwithstanding, we are talking about the present, and just a few days ago Webdunia.com, one of the leading language solution providers for mobile phones, has launched its unique learning application, Pre School Education, based on QUALCOMM’s BREW solution. This “edutainment” application has been designed for pre schoolers. Speaking about this new program Vinay Chhajlani, CEO and founder of Webdunia.com said, “Today, there is widespread inclination towards mobile phones among children, which presents a great opportunity to offer content that will engage them and encourage parents to explore new ways for their children to learn. â€?Pre School Educationâ€? is an attractive combination of graphics and sound that will provide a complete preschool preparation course to kids in an environment that is lively and entertaining. The versatility of BREW has been crucial to the development of our content. BREWâ€?s flexibility has enabled us to explore new concepts and provide innovative applications such as â€?Pre School Educationâ€? that allow users to be creative in their approach to learning.” On the same note speaking to AnimationXpress.com Prem Rathi, GM, Research and Sales shared, “Pre School learning is a wireless application (based on J2ME and BREW platform), which is designed to help the childrenâ€?s of age group 2-4 in learning the primary education through playing on mobile phones, rather than getting the learning from books. Pre School learning application presents the learning of English Language alphabet. Kids can learn how to write those alphabets and parents can put a test to evaluate the learning performance of their child, with animated and easy-to-see images on mobile phone”. This program is designed to help children of age group 2-4 in learning the primary education through playing on mobile phones, rather than learning from books. This program now available in English soon will be available in 11 Indian languages and Hebrew, Arabic and French in foreign languages. Webduniaâ€?s application is divided into three modules; learning, writing and test. Rathi also elaborated on the objectives of this program “This will help a child to learn English alphabets and making him familiar with cell phones will also provide the attractive and intuitive GUI relevant to kids learning. Different options will be available to the user to display the alphabets, which are very user friendly and easily customizable”. Being a major attraction for children, animation has been used generously in this mobile program for expressions. In next phase Webdunia.com plans to launch games on this edutainment program. In the 21st century where already we have programs such as â€?Pre School Educationâ€?, it is just a matter of time when kids will not have to go to school and would relax at home and study subjects like mathematics, English, history and many more on mobile only. connect@animationxpress.com

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