NVDIA sets up Bangalore Design Center

NVDIA Corporation (NC) a global leader in graphics and digital media processing announced the opening of a new design center at Bangalore as a part of its Asia Pacific expansion plans. We know from experience that India is home to some of the world’s brightest engineers as many of our top employees today are from India, said Mr. Jen Hsun-Huang, president and CEO of the company. We spend around 400 million dollars a year on R & D and I don’t mind spending around a 100 million dollars or 25% of this in India, he added. Starting with 23 persons the company plans to enhance employee strength to 100 within the next 12 months for high-end chip design and processor architecture. Speaking on the low penetration of graphics processors in India, Hsun-Huang said that his group shipped India’s annual consumption in a week, and that he was confident that like China and Korea, the presence of a large number of cyber-cafe’s and parlors would be growth drivers in the future and was confident of huge consumption potential. The company also makes media and communication processors, wireless and media processors which find use in consumer electronic products, notebooks and workstations.