Autodesk releases Discreet Smoke 7 in India

Autodesk Media & Etertainment launched Discreet Smoke 7 in India with an interesting 3 hr presentation and demo at Mumbai’s Taj Land’s End on 3 September. Autodesk Application Specialist Yogen Rai and US based senior compositor Carl Mc Kay made the presentations. Yogen demonstrated some of the new features in Smoke 7 which is positioned as a complete finishing tool. Some of these include 64 bit architecture, Clip History, Gap Effect, Motion Estimatation timewarp (cool tool), and Keycode conform. Commenting on how the quality of Indian editing and finishing was improving every year, Yogen remarked,” Two years ago, I had to struggle to compile a 1 minute showreel with decent Indian work and today I am so happy that we have got such amazing stuff happening in India” A very impressive case study that Yogen made was of a Ford Mustang commercial which composited clips from the late Steve Mc Queen’s movie Bullitt. The storyline of the commercial had a farmer who constructs a racetrack amid his crop and Steve McQueen emerges from the cornfield to take a spin in the new Mustang. McQueen is most famous for his role driving a Mustang rapidly in the 1968 action movie â€?Bullitt.â€? The McQueen in the ad was created with a body double and some great finishing work on the Smoke. US based senior compositor and editor Carl Mc Kay who has been involved in a lot of the latest promos and montages at Fox Sports demonstrated detailed case studies of some promos which had been used creating Smoke.