Autodesk M&E launches Combustion 4 in India

Autodesk Media & Entertainment (formerly Discreet) has announced the launch of the latest version (ver. 4.0) of its compositing and VFX software Combustion. The commercial license for Combustion 4, (Shipping for which has already begun) is priced at Rs 49,750 while the educational license is available for Rs 14,750. A host of new features such as Diamond Keyer (High precision keying technology inherited from the Academy Award winning Discreet Flame visual effects system),Timewarp (The fully key-framable, time-remapping operator for creating slow motion and speed-up effects), Merge operator (To quickly combine two inputs using any one of the variety of transfer modes), Control paint grouping, Capsules, G Buffer Builder, High quality resize, Command line rendering, ASE file support etc have been added to the latest version of the popular software. Speaking to Animation ‘xpress, Arun D’souza,Product Manager, Autodesk Media & Entertainment said that,” Autodesk Combustion 4 software features a complete set of sophisticated tools for visual effects creation, including vector paint, particles, effects, animation and 3D compositing tools. This version delivers the company’s most exciting Combustion software feature upgrade to date, and provides motion graphics and compositing artist’s new creative capabilities, interface improvements, new paint tools and enhanced interoperability with third-party applications. Autodesk Combustion 4 includes unmatched integration with industry standard animation, imaging and illustration software and all at a much affordable price”