Audion launches ‘ATMOS’ at CgA world

Audion Reboot Technologies, a provider of integration/installation systems and customer support to the professional audio, video and broadcasting companies in India, launched its workstation ‘ATMOS’ at the recently concluded CgA World 2004 expo which was held at Mumbai’s Nehru centre.
The Unique User Interface of ATMOS that replaces the conventional desktop
The workstation is especially optimised for the immensly popular 3D and Animation software Maya. Amongst its features is the unique user interface, wherein the user doesnt have access to the desktop, instead direct access to Maya, plugins and project folders is available. Says Audion sales & marketing head Neelesh Bhatia, (who was present at CgA World where ATMOS was launched): “We have tried to make the process of using Maya simpler and quicker for the user. As a value add we have bundled remote diagnostics software along with ATMOS wherein the user simply has to click on a button and a connection to our server is established, we can then have access to the settings of the workstation and tweak them to solve the users problem. Bhatia clarified that there was no internet browser available though, saying ” We want to avoid the risk of viruses infecting the system.The only online access that ATMOS can have is with our server.”