Zumis zing “Zingle Zells” in Vodafone Christmas spot by Vaibhav More

Zingle Zells, Zingle Zells, Zingle Zall Ze Zay… That is the cute little Vodafone Zumis singing Jingle Bells carol in the recently released and already viral video on Vodafone’s digital platforms. Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather wanted to post a spot on Vodafone’s Facebook page for Christmas and like the earlier partnership with Vaibhav Studios, contacted Vaibhav Kumaresh. Caught up with lots of things already, Kumaresh called up Vaibhav More and requested him to take up the project.
In a brief that More got from the advertising agency, it wanted three to four carols through a one to one and a half minute video. The major requirement however was to make it viral. The deadline being tight, More convinced the O&M creative team that given the deadline, they should focus on only one carol of 30-40 seconds and make it as funny as possible. “And I was very happy that they accepted my suggestion,” exclaimed More, who has also directed the video. The basic idea of a conductor with a group of kids (Zumis) singing in chorus, came from Ogilvy’s creative team comprising Kiran, Shahrukh Dandiwala, Snehsikt Anand, Remy Fernandes and Rupsha Roy. More’s task was to “make it funny.” Hence, he added certain elements for a touch of cuteness and humour- a disciplined conductor, two guys joking among themselves in between and one naughty Zumi jumping down for a finishing note with imaginary guitar. The Zumi language was written and given to More by the creative team and a slight gibberish tinge was incorporated, making it only cuter and funnier. A few school kids were called for the voices of Zumis and all of them worked on it enthusiastically. One Zumi’s high-pitched note towards the end was given by More himself. Rupert Fernandes then composed the music with Lingo India recording the sound.
Director Vaibhav More and CG generalist Rohan Bhalerao had only four days to execute the project; and this included creation of assets, animation and sound recording. “We were on our toes and have worked day and night to finish this,” revealed More. Since they had only four days to deliver the finished product, help was taken from Webyec Animation. Produced by Vaibhav More Films, the video has received 6.9 million views and 107,953 shares on Facebook within just four days of posting it. According to More, the video is a great year ender and a Christmas gift to all the viewers. Indeed it is, and you would want this hilarious and extremely adorable gift again and again.