Zotac Cup presents the first charity tournament at Computex

Zotac technology, a global manufacturer of innovation, is excited to announce that streamers and influencers worldwide will compete in the Zotac Cup Fight For Charity League of Legends (LOL) Tournament at Computex, one of the largest computer trade show in Asia, for an amazing cause to support charitable organizations around the world! The Grand Finals of Zotac Cup Fight For Charity LOL Tournament marks the first charity event Zotac cup has hosted, as well as the very first charity esports happening in Computex. With full support by partners NVIDIA, HUYA, Intel, Logitech Gaming, ViewSonic, Cougar, and Battlefy, the final showdown is set to take place on 28 May to 1 June. All the prize money and online donations will go directly towards charities including esports Foundation US, Gaming-Aid, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mercy Malaysia, and Oaktree Foundation. “It is a great honour to return to Computex with our first Zotac Cup charity event. Zotac Cup has built up a strong reputation after 12 years serving free online tournaments for gamers worldwide. As an industry leader, we hope to give towards a good cause through esports. We are excited to have some of the most popular LOL streamers and talents taking part in the event and making it possible for us to make a difference,” said   Zotac Technology CEO Tony Wong, “Our wish children are requesting gaming-related wishes more frequently, and they are also participating in Esports as a way to cope with their medical treatment. With the rise of esports we are excited to see philanthropy continue to develop in this new way where gamers are giving back and are grateful for the opportunity promote our mission – granting life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses. Good luck to all those who are taking part at  the Zotac Cup charity event,” said  Make-A-Wish International president and CEO Michel Rudolphie . Tournament Schedule 28 to 29 May  Qualifying Rounds 30 May to 1June  grand finals Opening Press (30May  11am) Closing Ceremony (1June 2:30pm) In the qualifying rounds, the 9 Zotac Cup online qualifiers will face off with six local influencers to determine which five will advance to the grand finals stage, where five  popular international influencers including CooLifeGame from Spain, Guan Zong and Hao Kai from China, Voyboy from North America and Kaypea will be waiting to fight for charity. Each finalist will compete with each other to earn the lion’s share of a $100,000 USD charity prize pool towards charity. The grand finals feature amazing talents and casters including Jake ‘Spawn’ Tiberi, Matthew ‘Fish’ Stewart and Rikki ‘Riku’ Quiapon. All matches in the grand finals will be played out in front of a live audience and live streamed on the Zotac Cup Twitch channel. Live streaming will also be available in multiple languages on the Official Microsite.