ZOTAC CUP expands with new features including leader boards and a loyalty program

ZOTAC Technology, a global manufacturer of innovation, is pleased to expand the ZOTAC CUP tournament experience with an all-new ZOTAC CUP Loyalty Program launching today. The premise is simple, play, earn, and get rewarded. ZOTAC CUP established in 2007, has been the platform for casual and professional gamers to connect and compete across the globe. With free-to-play CUPs hosted for major titles every week, the CUP is a ripe ground for players from around the world to hone their skills. The ZOTAC CUP has also been the official platform for online qualifiers in the internationally recognised ZOTAC CUP MASTERS tournaments, a professional stage for professional players from all around the world. With over 3,000 CUPs played and available in over 150 different countries, winners from both the weekly CUPs and monthly finals win prize money and are also recognised through our social media platforms, CUP news and monthly subscriber newsletter. Players will now be recognized on the new ZOTAC CUP leaderboards for all to see their achievements. As players participate in the ZOTAC CUP tournaments, they earn points for playing and if they place in the top 3, they’ll earn additional points. As players continue to play and earn points, they’ll start climbing the leaderboards for all to see. Players will be able to see the overall points leader and the per game title points leader for other players to aspire to beat.  Rewards Not only will players earn points for playing, prize money for winning in top three, the points players accrue are also transferred 1:1 into ZOTAC CUP Coins in which they can redeem for prizing. Prizing include ZOTAC branded swag to ZBOX Mini PCs, and even ZOTAC gaming GeForce graphics cards. “This newest update to the ZOTAC CUP platform is one of our most exciting addition for the players around the world. With the 12+ years of ZOTAC CUP tournaments, we wanted to expand on the great community enthusiasm for the ZOTAC CUP tournaments with something more than just new tournaments,” said ZOTAC global marketing director Chinny Chuang. ZOTAC CUP is an integral component to ZOTAC as it allows a full circle commitment to drive great design, amazing engineering, powerful performance in hardware, and a free-to-play platform for gamers to utilize it all to push their limits further.