Zinkia and Aqui Media enter into a master agent deal for ‘Pocoyo’ in Japan

Zinkia Entertainment, the Spanish producer of Pocoyo, aiming to increase its growth in the Japanese market has entered into an alliance with Aqui Media, a Japanese media and marketing company founded by the Spaniard media executive, Jesus Perezagua. As of 3 July, Japanese audiences can enjoy the first three seasons of Pocoyo (156 X 7) via platforms managed by Aqui Media. These include TV exposure and streaming via an SVOD app available for both smartphones and tablets. Zinkia CEO Alberto Delgado stated, “It is an important strategic move for the company. We are happy to work with Aqui Media team in this new stage of Pocoyo in Japan. Aqui Media have made important inroads into the local animation industry and has the knowledge of Japanese culture Pocoyo needs”. The alliance includes the commercialisation of Pocoyo audiovisual content via TV and VOD platforms in addition to the exclusive management of L&M rights across a wide variety of categories such as toys, publishing and apparel. Aqui Media will also be responsible for carrying out local promotions, advertising and the production of meet & greet and live show events. The deal is part of Zinkia’s wider strategic plan with the objective of achieving a global repositioning of the Pocoyo brand internationally. The strategy includes activity in 12 key territories including Japan as it is one of the most important territories in the entertainment industry. Aqui Media founder and CEO Jesus Perezagua quoted, “The collaboration with Zinkia to introduce and develop Pocoyo as a brand in the Japanese market is one of Aqui Media’s primary objectives. Pocoyo‘s high production values added to its educational and entertaining profile fits perfectly with Aqui Media’s media proposal, as it does with our company mission to offer the Japanese pre-school audience the best selection of international content available.” He also added, “It is our aim to provide our public with activities that will enable them to discover and enjoy music, dance and arts, allowing them to thrive as global individuals and to grow up in an environment of tolerance”.